Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I'm sitting here at work eating off brand fruit loops for lunch (left over from a nursery lesson that I never ended up even giving) and listening to Adelle sing about fiery rain for the millionth time this morning. My head and face are pounding because my last wisdom tooth has decided to start moving around again. So in addition to handfuls of fruit loops I am also eating handfuls of advil. Boo. I find myself wanting to do anything but what I actually need to do, which just makes the stacks of charts around me grow exponentially. I'm the only one in the office this afternoon which means that sitting and staring blankly ahead is a much more appealing option than filing and cleaning.

Bright side? I do not work for the Parks and Rec department manning a carosoul and I no longer work in "Filing Hell". Better 'bright side'? I have a job! Chad has to remind me that this is a good thing :)


  • Nursing Homes. An old little lady finally manages to wheel herself into our room and then I have to tell her that she has to wait until next month to get her toenails cut so that her insurance will cover it. She doesn't understand and starts pleading with me to let her see the doctor. Of course the doctor is right there and just continues to work on his current patient while I try to explain things to this poor, sad woman. "please, please! I'm begging you". A little help here? I didn't know what to do and was getting a whole lot of nothing from the docotor and nurses so.... I walked away and kept working. Finally she gave up and slowly wheeled back to her room. Who's the worst person in the world? Yup, that's me.
  • Families holding up their little children so they could watch the Treasure Island show with all the strippers dancing around on the boat.
  • The amount of Red Bull still being consumed in the Lewis house.
  • Rukia getting a weird patchy sunburn when she went running with Chad and Jared. There's only a few spots but her hair fell out and it looks like we burned her with a hot poker or something. I feel like we injure our dog, on accident, on a weekly basis. Caring for actual children is looking pretty bad and is moving further and further into the future.
  • Refusing to buy new scrubs because you hate spending money on, let's be honest, ugly pajamas. So now all of your scrubs are wearing dangerously thin in the crotch/butt area. Yes, some have holes. Most awkward part - still wearing them!
  • Having to turn off the A/C in our car every time we come to a stop so that our car won't stall out.
  • It is D-R-Y here. I've lived in Provo and I knew it would be dry but being here in the desert in the 100+ heat is a little dryer than anywhere else I've been. Don't believe me? Check out my nasty feet and scalp. If that doesn't convince you, when my eyes dry up and fall out of my head I think you'll be convinced.
  • Nursing Homes. All the old men call you beautiful and gorgeous even though you haven't washed your hair in days, are wearing scrubs that are 2 sizes too big for you and have on no makeup. All the old women comment on how tall and thin you are. Looks like I found my new BFF's.
  • Chad. He makes the BEST pasta ever. Seriously. I don't know why he lets me cook at all because he cooks way better than I do. His pasta is my favorite though and no matter what kind he decides to make it's always crazy good and I eat way too much. An added bonus: I came home from a long day at work yesterday to find the whole house picked up , laundry done, and the dishes done! And then he proceeded to make us all dinner. Awesome.
  • Jared is here reminding Chad and I both that we do actually have friends even if they don't live very close to us.
  • Birthday Celebrations coming up this weekend! Birthdays are the best. I love having birthday weekends free from laundry, cleaning, and errands and full of cake, movies, and presents... even if they aren't for me!

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