Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I don't know what it is about a vacation that absolutley just knocks you on your butt afterwards. Especailly this vacation. We were up early, ridiculously early by our standards, every morning and went to bed early, ridiculously early by anyone's standards, almost every single night. The time change rocked. Then we came home. We took the weekend to try to recooperate, rest and get back on track. Except for the whole getting back on track thing. We are having the hardest time adjusting to our normal schedule. The morning time is just awful and I am ready to pass out by the time I get home around 4:30. Then, at 9pm, I start waking back up. What?! Just go to sleep ridiculously early and try to normalize! Nope. Tuesday night we were up until 3am (chad 4), just laying there trying to will ourselves to sleep. Then the alarms started going off at 6. Lol, yeah right. I've never snoozed my alarm so fast in my entire life.


  • Chad and Patrick's bouncy ball experiment while killing time in the Mall in Hawaii before leaving for the airport. We were on the second floor and they wanted to see if they could get it to bounce back up, without landing in the grout line and going crazy smashing into someone's face. Well, it didn't come back up straight but it didn't go too crazy. It also did not come back up high enough to catch again and just went bouncing all over. Run away!
  • We found a gorgeous necklace that some homeless person was selling on the sidewalk late one night. I tried it on, and was then informed it was $100. Really? Who in the right mind is going to pay someone $100 for anything on the street.
  • On our last morning at the beach we watched some 20 something year old guy who was laying out in front of us wrap himself in a towel and then carefully slip off his bathing suit. He then proceeded to try to put his underwear on just as carefully. He wasn't as successful and we got a little show.
  • There was a learning curve to operating the elevator at our hotel. For a while I thought it was impossible for us to go to my family and the Flynn's floor because my tiny little brain couldn't figure it out. Then I learned that Tay couldn't figure it out either the first day and I didn't feel so bad since he's one of the smartest people I know :) Good thing Chad was there otherwise I'd still be stuck in our hotel room! Ok not really....
  • The birds were way too amusing to us. Despite multiple signs telling us not to, we fed the birds pretty much any chance we got. My favorite was at Hanauma Bay, we had quite the audience watching as not just Chad, but Patrick and I played with the dirty pigeons.
  • I got a bloody nose 3 days after getting back home to the dry, dry desert.
  • The smooth jazz station at work that played popular songs from the 90's and 2000's but in smooth jazz form. Not good people.
  • Remember how we thought the A/C problem was fixed in our car. Ha. Yeah, nope. Whatever the problem is BJ was right and it would cost $600 to fix. No thanks. We'll just keep recharging it until it's not 100 degrees outside and we can stand to drive with our windows open. Our poor little car also has this tendency of not wanting to idle when it's hot out. So far it's been ok but unfortunately our car's not wanting to idle is being exacerbated by running the A/C. Sigh.

  •  Snorkeling was the bomb. I do not use that term lightly.
  • The food was soooo good in Oahu. Even if we wanted to/could afford to go out to eat here our options are pretty much crap. We ate sushi and fish until we couldn't eat anymore! The Udon Noodles, Jamba Juice, cupcakes, and Polynesian Center were rockin'. The breakfast was fantastic every morning.
  • The view from our hotel.
  • Having a not only a king size bed for a week but no animals that insisted on sharing it with us. I don't know if it was because of the time change, the fact that I was dead tired from running around all day in the sun or the lack of animals, but I slept awesome in Hawaii!

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  1. I told you Polynesian Center had the best food. Sounds like you guys had a great time. It makes me want to go back.