Thursday, December 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Trampoline land is not the best place to take great pictures however, it is the best place to take awkward pictures.
It's that time of the week again kids....

  • Chad is in the Young Men's presidency at church, Jeff is the President. Jeff is awkward in everything that I witness from him. A couple weeks ago he was trying to get a hold of Chad. He had been texting him all week, to the point of stalking. Chad had been in class, studying and taking a crazy amount of tests, so he hadn't returned the texts. Jeff then decided the most logical thing would be to come over to our house at 7:30 Saturday morning and start knocking on our door like a crazy person and ringing our doorbell. Really? Come on Jeff. We ignored him. An hour later.... he was back. Knocking and ringing away like a small child. Our dog wasn't too thrilled, neither were we. Then he started calling Chad's cell phone like crazy from our front door. We held strong and ignored him. He finally left and only came back one more time. What did he want? To know if Chad was going to teach the lesson on Sunday. Um, duh! Chad's the teacher, so he'll be teaching. If he doesn't show up, there's literally only 4 young men and the whole presidency that meets together. One of the five other adult men could probably figure out something to teach for 20 minutes. Lesson: Don't come to our house on Saturday morning before noon unless you are related to one of us. We will ignore you.

  • The white raper van sitting directly outside our apartment. It's full of garbage, has a flat tire, a busted window (now there's glass all over the sidewalk), and has been there since October. We finally called the police department and hopefully it'll be towed away soon.

  • Trying to mail out patient bills only to find out after I had sealed them all shut that I had put them in backwards. BAH. Had to open them all and try, try again. Sometimes I don't feel very smart. Also forgot to put stamps on this particular batch so they all came back to me. I wich I could say this was the first time that this has happened.

  • Brittany. Oh our new neighbor. She has become more than I care to deal with and really deserves her own post outright. Over the past week she has been over to our apartment every other day asking to use our phone to call her baby daddy/ex-husband/whatever. She can never get a hold of him. So she proceeds to call anywhere between 3 and 5 of his friends trying to track him down.... on my phone people! She'll have conversations with them and I'm just standing there stunned not knowing what to do, just watching the crazy unfold. When she's done with a conversation she'll spit. After handing the phone back to me she'll turn around without any kind of eye contact and say "thanks so much, I really appreciate it" under her breathe as she goes back in her house.

  • Don't worry there's more Brittany... this one's my absolute favorite. We let her borrow our Internet password the first night they moved in. Moving blows and we were trying to be nice neighbors, not knowing the crazy that just moved in feet from us. Well she said they only needed it for a day. We gave her 4 and then changed our password right before going to bed Thursday night. Friday morning at 8:30 Brittany is knocking on our door like crazy, does no one know how to knock like a normal person anymore? I answer and she asks if our Internet is working. Yes, MY Internet is working, I respond. Well, it's not working at our house. Are you kidding me? Who has the nerve to knock on someones door at that time to tell them that the Internet they are now stealing isn't working. Seriously? I am fuming, tell her I don't have time to deal with this because I am literally on my way out to work. Unfortunately we've had neighbors like this before and while annoying and irritating, they usually don't last too long. Don't worry though, she came back that night, knocking on our door, I'm sure looking for our password, and we ignored her too.


  • Celebrating half birthdays! I'm now a believer.

  • The fact that Chad sleeps through anything and everything. Makes getting surprises ready for him much easier when he's dead to the world.

  • The new "park" just down the street. They've got a 1/4 mile loop that's lit at night, perfect for doggie walks after work.

  • Listening to Christmas music all day at work, so much better that the normal crap we listen to.

  • Nice old ladies letting us cut in line at the dollar store since we had 3 things and they had a cart full.


  1. You have crazy people in your life! Hahahah
    My husband sleeps through everything too! He's asleep right now in fact.... Haha

  2. My husband can sleep through ANYTHING as well and falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow!

    I'm a new follower from the friendly friday hop! :)

  3. As long as the good outweighs the bad, that's all that matters!! Sometimes one nice gesture makes up for all the bad ones.

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  4. Love reading your blog posts. Such eventful life and interesting stuff.

  5. Oh Brittany...that's all I have...oh Brittany.

  6. Oh man, your neighbor! That is hilarious! And I seriously love that picture. Looks like so much fun!


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  14. Oh man, I'd hide from these people too!

  15. I love reading these kind of posts, so funny and awesome at the same time! That Brittany sounds like a nightmare though =/