Thursday, December 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

We take our Zoolander fashion shows very seriously around here. Although I think the most awkward thing about these photos is my beautiful pool hair. Warning: I may be looking through all my old photos to find new "awkward" photos, you may be up here soon ;) These are coming at ya from over 3 years ago.
  • Planning on being 20 minutes early to work only to find your car completely frosted over. No worries, scrape it off! Nope. We were prematurely happy about the warm weather and who the heck knows where our window scrapers are. I patiently sat in the car for close to 15 minutes waiting for our car to warm up. Until it warmed up I may have been blowing freezing cold air full blast, making the problem much worse. At any rate I made it to work only 1 minute late. Is it the weekend yet?
  • I wore the sweatshirt I usually wear at work while making brownies. The next day at work as I am handing a new patient some papers to fill out I notice that it looks like I have poo all over the cuff near my right hand. Nope, just brownie batter. Poo or chocolate? Luckily I don't think this particular patient noticed, and if they did I don't think they would have cared. Classy people.
  • It was nursing home week at work, so it was an explosion of older awkwardness, topped off by a woman who told the Dr. to look away, as she stood up her pants and adult diaper were around her knees. Danielle to the rescue! She tried to take them all the way off but I convinced her to let me pull them back up. BTW, she had used the diaper. Pants seem to be a real issue at nursing homes.... but I guess I've mentioned multiple times that I hate wearing pants, so....
  • Someones socks at the nursing home were covered in old pee. They were yellow, and no they were not just stained, you know pee when you smell it.
  • Enough poo and pee talk? I am happy to report that I haven't seen Miss Brittany in a whole week! While this in and of itself is AWESOME, Brittany will only ever be mentioned as being super awkward.
  • I told a guy at the nursing home "bye" and that we would see him in a couple months. He told me to "stay sweet".
  • Adjustments were finally made to Chad's financial aid!
  • Grades are in! Chad was unnecessarily worried.
  • My parents are amazing and wonderful.
  • Grandma's are the best.
  • Aunt's are pretty awesome too.
  • Previous bosses rock as well.
  • Anniversary celebrations.
  • Parents and Tay will be here Sunday!
  • Ash and Pat will be here Christmas day!
I hope you had an awesome week!


  1. I love your entire list! For reals. I laughed at the Brittany one.

  2. Following from the aloha affair, The fashion show looks really fun!