Friday, December 14, 2012

Five {Confessions} Friday

1. I cannot spell the word definitely. Can't do it. I usually spell it so wrong that spell check can't figure out what I'm trying to do. I really consider it a success when I spell it just close enough that spell check catches on the first try and I don't have to go through multiple wrong spellings that just get further and further from right.


2. I could eat soup every day, all day. It's yummy and delicious and I crave it even when it's over 100 degrees outside.

3. I get bored with my handwriting and change it every so often. Slanted, all caps, all lowercase, cursive, straight up and down, big and girly... This has caused problems only once, maybe twice. In Hawaii they wouldn't accept my signature on a credit card purchase because it didn't match. I literally had to cross it out and try again. Yeah, cause that makes sense. I had to think back on how I used to sign my name to do my absentee ballot, they said that they wouldn't count the ballots where the signatures didn't match the ones on file. Not quite sure I was able to do that... Never knew signing my name could be so difficult...

4. If I don't know the number that's calling my phone I don't answer. Period. Chalk it up to some bad experiences but there are literally no exceptions to this rule.

5. I am super excited about NOT having a White Christmas! Sure it's all festive and beautiful, blah, blah, blah. I for one have had enough snow. It's cold, it's wet, it's icy, it's sucky. I will be enjoying my colder weather with palm trees, blue skies and beautiful red rock!

 Do you have any confessions? ;)


  1. Yes I've got one. I really enjoy listening to Tchaikovsky while I'm studying. It relaxes me, you know? And it also helps me think - especially when i'm studying maths or chemistry.

  2. Love your post!! I can't spell definitely either! Even the spell check would mess me up more. Weird huh?

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


  3. These are hilarious. I can't spell that word either, totally rely on spell check for that one. And I sometimes answer, but then always say it's the wrong number if I don't feel like it. We have bad manners :)

  4. Oh man, I get bored with my handwriting, too! Seriously, I'm always changing something about it. :-)

    I'm your newest follower!!

    Stef @ Miss Jo and Co.

  5. omg! i always have trouble spelling definitely as well, but i've got better at it and i'm also okay not having a white xmas. :)

  6. Hey, new follower from the Blog Party over at Sincerely, Paula. I totally know what you mean about the word "definitely". For the longest time I thought it was spelled "definately", eep! :/ Cute blog you have here, can't wait to check it out some more. :)


  7. Yeah, I have a confession, I'm so sick nooooo!

  8. I am the worst speller around, I have to ask my fiance how to spell the most simplest of words! Glad you could link up with followers to friends :)

  9. I love the photos and those rocks are beautiful. I don't think we will have white Christmas in Kansas either this year so I am not expecting on it. I love to use fork whenever I am eating except when I have some soup which I love so much. I too eat soup even when it is that hot. I am from Philippines and it gets really hot there too and we eat soup for lunch and we love it no matter how sweaty we get. LOL! Ur new follower by the way via Followers to Friends.

    Adin B

  10. I love soup, it's the world's perfect food. So much goodness in a bowl :)

  11. I don't pick up for numbers I don't know - on my cell or even at work. That's what voicemail is for - those numbers you don't know can leave a message if they want to talk to me.