Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Allergic to Mondays

So I fully intended on posting this yesterday, but as you will find out, as soon as I got out of work I started pounding Benadryl's like it was my job. Which also means I was out by 8. In fact I'm still downing 2 every 4 hours like clockwork so the sleepies have taken over my brain and it's all I can do to stay conscious at work today. So instead of going through and fixing the days and tenses you are getting yesterday's post like it happened today. Laziness for the win.

I woke up this morning to find myself covered in a rash. My stomach, back, neck, arms, hands, ankles, thighs, and knees. Ashley told I just must be allergic to Mondays. Unfortunately I don't think that will get me out of work today. Unless the rash spreads to my face. I think a face rash might get me out of it... I'm counting down until I can go home and chug some Benadryl.

The weekend went a whole lot better, after we tackled Friday, than my morning has though. Friday was a giant suck fest at the DMV. Renewing registration, attempting to renew my drivers license, rain... Good news is I get to go back this Friday with mountains of paperwork and actually renew my license. Stupid name change.

The rest of the weekend we climbed! Climbed and slept and ate pancakes and French toast. We ignored the sink full of dishes and piles of unwashed clothes and ate brownies and watched movies instead.

Taking a little snooze on the climb
I climbed Puppet Strings again. The climb scares me. I don't like the moves and the ending is Hard. Although everything up until the end is pretty easy, I'm really just being a baby. So I had a bit of a breakdown before climbing it on Sunday. I'm up there freaking out because I don't want to do the last big moves and finally decide the sooner I try the sooner I will fall and can just dangle there and pull my ish together. So I go for it. And I stuck the hold! And then I pulled myself up like a freaking champ. I climbed that beast on the first try that night. I've seen countless guys fail or give up on the ending of this climb and somehow it was almost easy for me yesterday. I tricked myself into thinking if I climbed it once I could be done with it, but I'm pretty sure I'll need to climb it a few more times so I can conquer the fear. Of course, I may be singing a different tune when the time comes to climb again...

As a side note there was another climb where if you fell, you swung... FAR. So of course I was swinging around because home girl loves to fall. On my third fall I was swinging around and coming at the wall backwards (which, hello, no biggie, your not going to smash into the wall genius, weren't you some sort of science major Danielle, come on!) so I start screaming... and crying... and laughing... all at the same time. Seriously it was outrageous. Also, I never really knew you could be laughing and crying hysterically at the same time. It's possible folks.

Clearly Chad is not afraid of Puppet Strings.
Luckily the rash was looking so much better this morning. It's gone from angry, screaming red, to a light blushy pink.

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