Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy and Tired

We wrapped up our last weekend with Debi and Barry with a bang! We ran around doing and seeing everything we could fit in to our last weekend together! On Friday Chad started by climbing his hardest, most impressive climb yet. We've seen so many people fail on this beast, it was awesome to watch him conquer it! To celebrate we burned our old dining room table in the gorge, first flinging it off the edge down to the bottom. It's always more fun to start off a bonfire by tossing the wood off a cliff. We roasted hotdogs, made smores and just plain ate ourselves silly after playing with all the fire.

Saturday we soaked up all the sunshine on a new to us trail that follows part of the Virgin River. We only went around 4 miles, but that just about killed poor Rukia. After biking we caught up with one of our favorite Elders, Elder Mulvaney! Between climbing,  biking and all the sunshine we were pooped so we relaxed in the best way possible: pizza and breadsticks, a giant chocolate cake and ice cream, and cards. Mmmmmm, so fun.

Sunday started off with an even better Mmmmm. Debi made us cinnamon rolls for breakfast. No better way to wake up than to the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls. The four of us devoured them in a flash. After a few noon naps we were out the door again to Red Cliffs. I always forget how awesome this place is. Red Rocks for days and mini waterfalls from all the snow melt. Chad jumped in more than a few times and Rukia was overwhelmed with happiness. Home girl loved the water. Really, we all did. It was a gorgeous hike and a fun way to spend our last day together.

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