Thursday, February 27, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • A man calling and asking me for the number to an orthotics company. I told him I didn't have the number and he didn't respond. Dead Silence. Sigh. "Do you want me to google it for you?" I ask.  Of course he did. Unfortunately this isn't the first time people have called me just to google something for them.
  • Getting pinched on the butt at a Nursing Home.... by one of the crankiest old ladies I've ever met. Not surprised it finally happened, surprised it was her that got me first though. Yikes.
  • The Dr. encountered another patient in Nevada yesterday who had poop on their socks. Took of their shoes and so far so good. Then he reached down for the heel of the sock to pull it off and BAM! Poop. I just don't understand.
  • Since last July I've been having back/hip/sciatic nerve issues. After multiple Dr.'s, a chiropractor, doing what I've done before in physical therapy and countless internet searches I think Chad and I have stumbled on to my real problem and how to fix it. Thanks Yo Elliot. You Tube > Doctors. I kid. Kinda....
  • We found Paczki's at Kroger on Tuesday. I immediately abandoned my "cleanse" I was doing this week and ate one as pre dinner. We may have bought 2 boxes of them. 4 each sounds reasonable right?
  • Thanks to the stretches I found I was standing upright at the end of the day yesterday. Seriously a freakin' miracle.
  • Our goal this week: Eat all the gluten in the house. Next week will be remarkably different lol. But for now all the gluten is ours!
  • New Bras. In the correct size. Chad has always and will always know better than I do about what size I am. In everything.
  • The past 2 days have been in the high 70's. Sorry Michiganders, that one was for you :) If it makes you feel better it rained today and was only 61.

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