Thursday, February 13, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Debi and her new hubby Barry got here Sunday night! We are super excited to spend a couple weeks with them, showing off our favorite outdoor spots and eating an ridiculous amount of dessert. They've only been here 3 full days and we've already made brownie sundaes, giant chocolate chip cookies, bought krispy kremes, and restocked the snickers stash. Side Note: We may have a candy drawer that has turned into a snicker's/Chocolate Chip drawer. Livin' large at the Lewis House. I've got plans to test out a new sugar cookie recipe and am pretty sure I can trick everyone into going to my favorite Chinese Buffet on the way back from Zion's. Clearly my most important plans involve eating massive amounts food.

  • An old man doing a ring check on me at the Nursing Home. Why yes sir, I am married. Good thing I remembered to put it on after rock climbing, who knows how that could have played out.
  • Getting back from a nursing home and finding a weird brown stain the size of my fist on my thigh. Hmmmm.... Poop or Chocolate?
  • Speaking of poop, finding poop on our bed Tuesday night after staying up until 2am with Debi and Barry. Poop on the bed is never good, at 2am, it's down right horrific.
  • Trying to tell older patients my name. Danielle is absolutely exotic to most people over a certain age. And after yelling it 10 times in a row, directly into someone's ear, it starts to sound strange to me too. I'm thinking I should just tell anyone over 80 or hard of hearing that my name is Kate.
  • Shoving all of our clean clothes (we hadn't done laundry for weeks) into a random closet when Debi and Barry got here. Folding? Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Mountain Biking in broad daylight and tipping over into a bush, that's right, tipped over. Granted I was wearing a giant backpack so I do have a bit of an excuse.
  • Trying to replicate Panera's Chocolate Chip Cookies. I haven't found the right recipe yet but we are sure enjoying the process!
  • Getting to the top of my harder climb without having to rest on the rope once! A clean climb is the best feeling!
  • Mountain Biking in the dark and not totally wiping out.
  • Attempting crazy yoga moves and realizing I have the strength to attempt them. Attempt being the key word. I may not be at all flexible, not at all, but I am getting stronger! 
  • Garlic Bread.
  • Our back Patio! Barry cleaned it up and rigged up our tarp for our bikes!

Happy Early Valentines Day! Hopefully it's full of love from friends and family, and lots (and lots) of chocolate!

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