Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cars and Teeth and "Street Drugs"

Chad's been paying this week for his wide open schedule these past couple of months. And while I'm normally jealous that he gets to go to school, study a bit, then pick me up, I am not jealous this week. Yesterday afternoon may have been filled with 30 mentally challenged girls all coming in for foot care at the same time but Chad definitely won the "busy week" award. And it's only Wednesday morning.

Saturday night we realized that we had no hot water. Stellar. After calling the wrong emergency number on Sunday Chad finally got a hold of someone on Monday. So after dropping me off at work and going to school he drove back home to meet the maintenance guy. Then he went back to class. Then he went back home to test the water - nothing. Then he came back to town and took me to a chiropractor appointment. Then he went back home to meet the wonderful man who fixed our water heater. And then finally picked me up from work.

At one point during the summer we had a tank of gas last over 2 weeks. Clearly this will not be one of those weeks.

Yesterday he took the car in to get checked out. In addition to what we thought was wrong there are, of course, multiple other problems that need to be fixed. We can live without our sunroof opening or the back windshield wipers working but I would like our car to stay together as we drive down the road.

We also found a physicians volunteer clinic that does dental work! What?! So Chad stopped by yesterday before the car headache to get some paperwork and is turning it all back in today with proof that we are poor enough to go there. Hopefully they can see him soon and fill in the hole in his tooth and let him chew on both sides of his mouth again. The wisdom teeth are a whole other issue that we hope to resolve soon as well.

Again, thank you student loans.

As a side note, Chad asked the receptionist about me going to the clinic to get some pain medication for my back since I don't have a primary care physician. She informed Chad that they do not give out "Street Drugs". So apparently I'll have to go without the crack I thought they could hook me up with. So close...

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