Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

No but seriously, I can't get up.

Although I can now almost manage to stand upright! Woot.

Two weekends ago I killed my back. Apparently my sciatic nerve got angry with me and my entire right back/butt seized up to "protect" it. Because that's super helpful. So I literally laid down all weekend and cried. Super fun party people over here. By the end of the weekend I was ready to hit the streets in search of drugs, or my neighbors. Unfortunately I still haven't worked out that conversation in my mind. So instead I assaulted my system with as much advil and extra strength Tylenol a person should be taking and eventually stopped because it was doing absolutely nothing.

On Monday my poor doctor had pity on me and sent me to a chiropractor where I figured out what the crap was going on and almost 2 weeks later, here I am. I saw him again this past weekend and he adjusted the heck out of my lower back/hips. So much so that I couldn't really move again this weekend. I was a whiny, crying, painful mess. It's been an awesome way to end the summer before Chad headed back to school on Monday. Poor, poor Chad.

Needless to say, we've been watching the most insane amount of TV ever... ever. If you're ever in need of some binge worthy tv, here's what we've been watching.

OMG, new favorite show ever. Why has it taken me so long to find New Girl.
After blowing through the 2 seasons I find myself wishing Will and Jared lived with us so we could be this show. I similarly find myself wishing this when watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Because those are people we should all want to be right?
So it took us a while to get into it, and it's pretty cheesy, but it has Lorelai and Egg as main characters and is basically a "where are they now" of Friday Night Lights. Speaking of which...
It's fantastic. The characters are awesome, the story is great, and Tim Riggins. "Nuff said.
Aaaaand just in case you've been living under a rock.... you need to watch Breaking Bad asap.
Mom and Dad, I'm talking to you.


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