Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot vs. Cold

A patient came in yesterday and told me that she would much rather live somewhere that has a hard winter than somewhere like St. George with a ridiculous summer. I straight up laughed in her face.

She has lived here he whole life and has never experienced winter. So I decided to fill her in.

Feet of snow. Feet
Not just feet of snow but Drifting snow
Wind chill
Freezing Rain
Scraping ice off of your car
Sweeping snow off your car
Driving on sheets of ice, turning a 30 minute commute into 3 hours
Slipping and falling on said sheets of ice
Heaven forbid the heat in your car doesn't like you, you'll be toting around blankets and crying

Tow truck operator Shawn Juhre sets up road safety reflectors before towing a car out of a ditch during a winter snow storm in Buffalo, N.Y. on Friday.

She said that she figured you could only take so many clothes off but could always put more on. Plus, you could build a fire. Again I laughed in her face. Unless I have a fireplace I don't know where I'm building this mystical magical fire that will keep me warm in the negative degree weather with the wind whipping tiny shards of ice at my face.

Been there, done that. I'll take the blistering, hell of a summer here. Why? Because I can drive easily, float in a pool, and I know that it will end in a couple months and not drag on for a half a year.

Which looks more pleasant to you?

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