Friday, August 30, 2013

Five {Things} Friday

1. Why is it that when we take our car in to get something fixed we leave with something else wrong. Chad's taking it back to the mechanic to see why our little yellow gem is now making new noises.

2. The summer of poorness is over and I have no idea what to make for dinner. Now that we can afford to eat more than pancakes, spaghetti, and beans.... what the heck do we make? Any suggestions are very welcomed!

3. Walking around Target last night I almost lost it when Chad referred to his own underwear as panties. I was sooo tired.... and come on, panties? I was crying.

4. One of the Relief Society secretaries in our ward served her mission in Detroit. She was there when our beloved Clarkston ward was first formed and knows many of the long time members. I instantly liked her and now want to become best friends.

5. I had an energy drink and pop tarts for breakfast this morning so I could handle the crazy hectic morning. Oh wait, we had no patients this morning and I instead spent too much time on pinterest. I had pop tarts and NOS because it's full of delicious sugar and caffeine. Happy Friday to me.

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