Thursday, September 5, 2013

Looooooong Weekend

Wednesday of last week Chad and I decided we needed to do something for the long weekend. As you already know from all my recent complaining, we've been sitting/laying around our house doing nothing waiting for my back to get better. Now that it's tolerable we needed to get out of the stinkin' house. Las Vegas or Provo?

Rukia knew what we were up to and refused to get out of the car
Provo was our easy choice :) Chad finished up some things for school, we got a part on our car fixed, found an awesome dog sitter and away we went! We even left at the time I told Ashley we would be leaving and not 2 hours later. Although it was 2 hours later than Chad thought we would leave. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to sneak in a Kneaders breakfast though.

Once in Provo we proceeded to eat our way through the weekend. We started with sushi, then moved on to Krispy Kreme, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, an amazing amount of Mexican food, In-and-Out, and lots of energy drinks, at least for me and Chad.

As a side note, the Mexican food that we got at the mall that Monday was more delicious than any Mexican food we've ever had in St. George. #StGeorgeProblems

Speaking of #StGeorgeProblems, we have no hard ice cream places. Unless you want to count Baskin Robbins, which I don't. I'm not paying 10 bucks for a quarter of a cup of ice cream, no thank you. I'll make do with frozen yogurt at that point. So Pat and Ash took us out for some real hard ice cream. Unfortunately they were all out of strawberry, Chad's favorite. After trying all the other flavors he asked the guy if he could just scrape out as much of the leftover strawberry ice cream as he could. Instead he just gave hime the whole tub. For free. It. was. Awesome.

We played our favorite nerdy game, Munchkins. I came out of left field to win the first round, although it may have been because my kind husband let me win, even after we wouldn't allow Patrick to let Ashley win. Sorry guys :) Chad didn't want Pat to win so I got to. Patrick did make up for it by winning the second round.

On Monday we wandered around City Creek Mall in Salt Lake. Chad was on the hunt for a new computer bag for school. And while we never found the bag he did discover Etsy. So it all ended well! The trip up there wasn't for nothing though, we all got our free piece of chocolate for the month from Godiva and Chad found a sweet new bike on sale at REI on the way home. We are easily having to buy gas at least twice as often as we did this summer, if not more, now that Chad's back in school, so the bike should be the solution to that problem!

Finally Monday night around 11 we headed out. I'm sure Ash and Pat were a little surprised to get a phone call just 10 or 15 minutes later that we were coming back! The wheel bearing that we had a mechanic check out and okay for our trip was done. It sounded like we were driving some sort of broken down space ship. It was ridiculously loud as well. In fact it was ridiculously loud going 40, 80 on the highway was out of control. So instead of risking getting stuck in the desert in the middle of nowhere with possibly no cell service at 1am we opted to turn around.

Chad had a nice chat with BJ the next morning who said we could try taking the back roads home (what back roads?) very slowly until he heard how far away we were from home and then just laughed. Clearly we had made the right decision. So we got it fixed at some janky place, and got an extra day off work and school!

We had a great weekend and can't wait for Ash and Pat to get their booties down to St. George!

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  1. Yay for all that fun! Hope your back is feeling better.