Friday, September 6, 2013

Puncha Your Buns!

Chad introduce Patrick to the amazingness that is Adventure Time a while ago. Over the summer for Pat's birthday he got a Finn hat. Chad has been insanely jealous ever since. So this weekend we were on an Adventure Time swag hunt.

We started online until we realized we had forgotten about one very important store.... Hot Topic. Oh, Hot Topic, how we love you. We stopped at one on the way home from the mall on Monday and hit the mother load. Between Hot Topic and Spencer's there was more Adventure Time gear than we could have ever wanted. Swords, cell phone cases, wallets, t-shirts, backpacks, blankets, robes, hats, underwear, bras... you name it and they had it.

And now we have some of it too :)

Chad had a major nerd moment with the girl who was checking us out. She wanted to know if we were going to comic-con which led to all kinds of stories about her costume and our friend Jared's costume. At one point Chad pulled out his phone and starts showing her pictures of Jared at Comic-con. It was hilarious.

The boys spent the rest of the night in their hats and me in my t-shirt. On the way to the mechanic the nest day we saw this.

And we loved it because we are all just a bunch of nerds at heart.

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