Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shock and Awe

First off, Breaking Bad. Come freakin' on. There are only 2 episodes left and then I will stop mentioning it's goodness and glory. But until then, OMG.

Chad and I decided that we needed to get on a better schedule, broken record much? And with this Piriformis Syndrome going on, I really needed to wake up early and stretch/walk/yoga it up so I could feel better during the day. So guess what, I am. Please pick up your jaws, it's actually happening.

We organized the kitchen, deep cleaned the bathrooms, and did ALL the laundry over the weekend. It helps me wake up and get going knowing that the whole house is clean and in order. Why? I have no idea but I'm going with it. It also helped when I decided I didn't need to do a yoga video every morning. I've done enough yoga to where I can do my own thing for a half hour. Rather than stressing out about what video I'll do, or trying to find something that I like, I just do my own thing. Sometimes it's yoga, sometimes it's just stretching and foam rolling, and sometimes it's a walk.

My red face after an Insanity sweat sesh. Rukia likes to lounge and watch me work out. 

I think we are finally rid of our summer slump and back in a good routine. Chad's working out at school, I'm finally making dinner and we're feeling much better.

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