Monday, September 16, 2013


Saturday night was homecoming here in St. George. One of the young men Chad taught at church asked him to take pictures of their group before the dance. There were 6 couples and it was an absolutely amazing range of relationships.  

There were the seriously dating couple who were more than happy to full on make out in front of everyone. I'm talking ear biting and massive face sucking. It was awesomely bad. They were definitely going to have a good night.

On the other hand we had a few couples who had only known each other for a couple weeks, not even a entire month. They were very afraid to be within a 5 foot radius of each other, which made for very natural looking "couple" pictures. ha.

Then there was the very pretty girl with the very nerdy guy. She was a doll and while they fell into the previous category, there was something that I just loved about them.

There was the couple we thought was dating but wasn't... not yet anyways. They were pros at the whole picture thing, posing and cheesing like it was their job. It also helped that they seemed to like/know each other.

We had a boy who COULD NOT smile. He would be fine and then as soon as the flash went off and the picture was taken, BAM, weird, open mouth, confused face. I guess we can't all be Barney.

Barneys blog perfect picture

We had a great couple hours hanging out with a bunch of teenagers and in the end were happy to be out of that stage of our lives. No longer do we have to worry about making it home on time (lol, yeah, no) or if another couple was going to tag along in our car and ruin our good time :)

Instead, we were home well before 1am, although we were up much later than that making our own fun. It's not all bills and responsibility being a married adult ;)


  1. So glad I'm not 16 anymore. Definitely remember that awkwardness of dating or not dating or sorta dating but not really.....LOL

    Gotta love married least you made it to 1am...I am not sure I can still do that! LOL

  2. I wish your blog had a like button!