Monday, September 9, 2013

Love Hate

I have a love hate relationship with yoga. As I'm doing it, I pretty much hate it. All of it. Except corpse pose, I love corpse pose. But really, everything else is awful. Especially now. Any sort of backward bending is a nightmare. As I went to do my P90X yoga hell on Sunday morning I rationalized that there wasn't really any sort of backwards bending and I would be fine. Until I started and my body started screaming at me. Upward dog is all about a gentle back bend. Upward dog is now my nemesis. I quickly learned that all the warrior poses are also all about a disguised back bend as well. Tricky yoga.

Granted part of the whole "hating it while doing it" may have something to do with the fact that I didn't eat or drink anything before doing it. I have a nasty habit of just jumping into my workout on weekend mornings without eating anything, mostly because I just want to hurry up and get it done. So I wasn't feeling super awesome 20 minutes in. Little vomity...

I stuck with it though and after 90 minutes of deep breathing and making strange noises during the back bending portions I was done... and all of a sudden I loved it. Especially after I got my act together and got something to eat and drink. My back and sciatic nerve were just a little happier with me the rest of the day.

Yeah, my favorite nerve still screams at me all day long and I still want to cut off my leg once or twice a day, but at least it's just once or twice. I'm hoping that a little yoga everyday and a lot of yoga on Sunday will help to strengthen my back and whip this nerve into shape.

Any free yoga video recommendations? I've got my trusty P90X lineup but am definitely not committed to doing something that intense everyday.

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