Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Who wore it better?

What happens when I skip a Thursday of Awkward and Awesome?  The awkwardness multiplies!
  • Driving to California with Rukia refusing to be anywhere but on top of me or Chad. We were prepared to share the backseat with her on the ride, but not the fact that she would want to snuggle the whole way there.... and back.
  • Resorting to cutting off the top of my banana with scissors because I couldn't get into that stupid thing for the life of me and there were no knives at work. BAH!
  • Doggie diarrhea. That's what happens when your dog steals the whole can of tuna from the kitties. Not pretty. At least she has the courtesy in the dead of night to whine and lick my face to get me up and let her out instead of just "going" everywhere.
  • Chad accidentally buzzing off his side burns. He's gonna love that I put this on here :)
  • My visiting teachers came over a few weeks ago and as soon as they left I ran upstairs to change into stretchy pants and a t-shirt. Because my old worn out jeans are so restricting? Anyways, as soon as I get everything off there's a knock on the door and our home teachers decided to stop by. Chad ran Rukia upstairs to keep in our room and just laughed at me. Back into the jeans I went!
  • Before Thanksgiving patients kept asking me what my plans were. I would excitedly tell them that we were going to California. They would then ask where. I would shake my head and sheepishly admit that I had no idea, I just knew we were leaving the desert, going to the beach and eating lots of Mexican food in addition to Thanksgiving. Isn't that all anyone needs to know to agree to a road trip?
  • Stopping to use the bathroom at Subway and getting harassed by a tiny Asian lady my age. I went into the stall after her and she started knocking like crazy asking for her "bell". Huh? I quickly finished (give me a second lady!) and as soon as I came out she ran in. Clearly she lost her "bell". I washed my hands and she proceeded to yell at me about the "bell" and want me to look for it with her in the tiny bathroom full of women. I tried to leave and she pulled me back in. What the what? Clearly she thought I stole her "bell".  Finally another lady pointed to a belt under the sink and she finally let me go. I'm glad she could figure out what the crazy borderline abusive woman wanted because I was clearly no help. No need to apologize crazy pants.
  • The doctors license plates in our parking lot. Seriously guys, it's not funny or witty or whatever it is that you're going for.
My doctor: Toejam (ewww, gross)
Plastic surgeon: FixIt
  • We have new neighbors. Brittany came over to ask for our Wi-Fi password so they can use ours until they get theirs. She proceeded to then tell me all about how she lives with her baby daddy, they were high school sweethearts and got married when she got pregnant. But a year and a half ago they got divorced, but they still live together because of their baby. But they have separate rooms. Except now she's now 9 weeks pregnant. At this point she tosses her cigarette on the ground. And I am left with no words. Um.... nice to meet you?
  • The ocean
  • Not having to drive a single minute on the ride out to California and back, Thanks Pat!
  • Testing out massage chairs at Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Starbucks hot apple cider
  • Peppermint coffee creamer in hot chocolate
  • The movie, Just Friends. OMG, why don't I watch this movie everyday of my life. "Watch your face!"
  • Having to decorate the office for Christmas. Wednesday was a strenous day peeps.
  • We were behind the most annoying group of people at Cafe Rio. I won't go on and on becasuse... once we got up to pay, the worst offender gave us his meal stamp and we got our meal for free! Thanks super annoying line jumping dude, you made our night!


  1. Brittany sounds like she'll be making more than one appearance on this sweet blog. Keep it coming, my neighbors are super boring and mostly good people. She sounds like a peach! ;)

    Also, Chad wears the wig better.

    1. Unfortunanltey I'm sure she will too. Our last neighbors were the best, so boring and quiet, it was awesome!

      I agree, I think Chad makes a much better platinum blonde :)

  2. You wore it better - though I do like the facial hair.

    Brittany sounds like a keeper. So she's turned her husband into a baby daddy? I don't understand people's logic sometimes.

    1. Seriously though, this girl is driving me nuts! And thanks, I'm glad you think I could pull of the girl hair better ;)

  3. Hahh!!! I do the same thing. Stretchy pants...knock on the door, change!!

  4. i love your awesomes, but your awkwards are amazing!! drops her cigarette? really??

  5. Oh my gosh - the toejam plate is seriously gross (but also kinda funny!) And anywhere in California sounds like a good destination to me right long as you guys are together it really doesn't matter, right? :)
    And decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things ever :) How fun to do it at work!
    xo - Marion