Friday, November 16, 2012

Shenanigans in Peplum

Top: TJMaxx, Jacket: Target, Jeans:7 for all Mankind, Shoes: old converse

When I first bought this top I didn't know what "peplum" was. I just knew it was cute, flowy, and would be great if I was eating a lot of Mexican food as it's very forgiving on a full Mexican belly.

The first time I wore my cute little top I was helping Chad at a photo shoot. It was a windy day and this top ended up not being the best option. I could have basically been wearing a belly shirt, the wind just kept blowing it up, and my hands were otherwise occupied, wrestling with a reflector.

Oh, and the bending! Bending over, and down, picking things up and putting things away. My shirt just fell right into my face. Hello belly! It was ridiculous. Luckily for me it was mostly just ridiculous for myself. Chad and his client were pretty focused on the task at hand and not at his fumbling assistant with a wannabe belly shirt attacking her face.


  1. you think about clothes the way i do...mainly, is my belly ever going to show? if so, i don't wear it! however, i do love this shirt, and it looks great on you (even if your belly shows)! have a great weekend!

  2. At least it looks super cute... :)

  3. Haha, I can imagine you in that wind with your top, too cute :).

  4. hahah I love your stories. that is hilarious. I have a peplum top too so I will remember to not wear it on a windy day, thanks for the warning! ;)

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