Friday, November 2, 2012

Get up and Go!

So how did last month's goals go? Meh, could have been better... My motivation just wasn't there.

You know for a fact that I am NO better at waking up early, in fact I think I'm waking up even later now. I went up to the church and played the piano once :( I still don't even OWN any floss or rinse. LOL, I couldn't, for the life of me, ever remember to buy any, even if it was on the grocery list! Oh well... try, try again.

We did eat way more fruit and veggies last month. And I did manage to be much better at doing the laundry. This last weekend's laundry is unfortunately still waiting to be put away, but it's clean! And, for the majority of the month, I was much better at getting it done, with Chad's help of course :)

Hopefully I'll be able to find my lost motivation and step it up this month!

So what's up this month?

1. Juice every morning with breakfast. Now that we are getting a ton of produce we have plenty to juice. And really, if we don't, we have a lot leftover that just goes bad. Side note, have you ever had fresh apple or grape juice? It's crazy good!

2. Workout! Before the Hawaii trip I was really good at working out, I had some really good motivation :) Really all I want to do now is curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa, chad, and snuggle down and watch tv. heaven. That plan doesn't leave me looking or feeling like heaven though so I've got to get up and move pre-Hawaii style.

3. Take time to be Thankful everyday.

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Simply Vintage Girl

4. Play the Piano once a week!

5. Floss and Rinse. Attempt numero dos!

How do you stay motivated?


  1. Hahahaah I love the first picture! So hilarious! You are so funny. Love your blog.

  2. yeah....I always make all these amazing goals for myself and rarely accomplish them hha. I'm so lazy! I told myself I would start a Paris Fund but I can never part with possible shopping money so I never save it! lol.

    The House of Shoes

  3. these are the best goals!! i need to play the piano more too. love your blog and we are now following..come follow along and enter our giveaway at XO

  4. I try to make myself accountable (i.e. blogging about them helps). Putting them up somewhere (several places) where I will see them. Also - you might want to ask for floss and rinse for Christmas or a birthday - I find there are just some things I can't bring myself to buy. Luckily I have dental student friends who have samples in a cupboard in their kitchen.