Thursday, November 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

My phone won't like up with the computer otherwise you would be seeing an awesome picture of a little present left for Chad by Rukia. Apparently Rukia had to go. She decided she couldn't wait for Chad to get out of class and went poo in the house. And then she covered it up with one of her stuffed animals! HA! I love that she felt so bad she covered it up. My dog's the best. Aren't you sorry you didn't get a big picture of dog poo with this post?

Moving on!

  • Me running on a main street. I'm trying to run home from work twice a week now. Chad has late classes and instead of waiting after work for an hour for him to finish class, come pick me up, drop me off, then turn around and go back to school, I figured I could run the 4 miles home. Except the 4 miles is on a main road, and the first half is all uphill. And I hate running on a main road. I feel like I need to be running or walking. I feel like people are watching and judging and I end up looking even more crazy I'm sure. I sprint, then walk, then sprint, then walk... all up a giant 2 mile hill. Adding to the crazy... I had to run home with my phone in one hand, a giant wad of keys and my phone charger in the other. Nice.
  • Making Chad late for his class last week and missing the announcement that his test was"take home", or online. He tried taking it at the testing center but they didn't have it - duh. A week and half later (his teacher was out for a week!) he was finally clued in. His teacher is super nice though and he can take it online at home this weekend. Wife fail.
  • Walking around like an old, crippled lady, holding my back. Oh my back. It's the worst. Sitting hunched over a desk all day is not exactly helping the cause either. Usually after a few minutes I can manage to stand up straight, but until then it's a sad, pathetic situation.
  • Our crazy cat. She gets so excited sometimes and starts purring and rubbing her face and body all over the back of the chair she likes to sit on. Well, it's all fun and games until she starts to fall headfirst and desperately tries to cling on with her back claws (no front claws for her) and just proceeds to slide face first into the ground. So graceful... so cat-like.
  • Going to Panned Parenthood for the birth control. I ended up in a little room talking to some 21 year old "dude" about my birth control. Tell me that's not awkward. Then he explained how to use it, um... yeah, I know how, I've been using it for, oh, just a couple years. I'm sure they have to explain, but still, super awkward.
  • My outrageously high blood pressure at Planned Parenthood. I freak out at new situations in general. So sitting there with the above mentioned dude wasn't helping the freak out. It was so high he thought something was wrong with the machine. Nope, just me trying to stoke out on you. Then he thought it would be better if we took it again. Yeah, nope. Just makes it worse. So how was it the second time? You guessed it, even higher than the previous stroke level.

  • Getting the Wednesday off before Thanksgiving so I can spend it with my sister and her in-laws in California! Woot! Never been to California and we are super excited. We are even bringing the pup with us :)
  • Homemade Broccoli Cheese soup.
  • Coming home to a clean living room and most importantly a clean kitchen with the dishwasher running :) Point for the hubby!
  • Red Bull with lunch today.
  • Snuggling with all of our, all of a sudden, super needy animals. Usually they're just needy.
Let's hear it! Any awkward moments to share this week?


  1. Sorry I pushed you to post without the dog poop picture. That most certainly will make this better. HA!

    Also, I HATE running. Mostly because it involves other people seeing me run. It's not pretty. I'm red faced, sweating, panting, bouncing, adjusting and icky. I feel your main street running pain.

    1. Right though, isn't that what everyone wants to see, a giant pile of poo? I'm glad I'm not the only "graceful" runner out there.

  2. Woo hoo! We are so excited for the holiday together with you guys!