Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  • We eat WAY too much pizza! We decided to become vegetarian to be healthier and have better diets. Cheese pizza with butter cheese crust kinda defeats that purpose. Now our beloved pizza is on the no eats list, especially after we had pizza for lunch last Sunday and then went out and got yet another pizza for dinner... again, we are seriously not trying to get on the Biggest Loser despite all of the posts that would lead you to that conclusion.
  • Remember that whole dumping the moving boxes in a random dumpster in the dead of night thing.... totally found a place that not only would have taken all the boxes, but would have recycled them as well. Best part, it's less than a half a mile from our house and at our grocery store. So close...
  • Rukia has an amazing ability to poo ALL the time! So I let her do her business before taking her on our afternoon walk. Important note, this was the third time she had gone that day. So I figured we were all good to go. We went walking in the retirement community across the street from us, where half of our ward lives. Halfway through our walk I look back and Rukia is squating in the middle of the road.... come on! I tried pulling her off to the side but she wasn't budging. I didn't know what to do... kick it to the side into someone's yard maybe? People were out everywhere... Ahh! So I looked at Rukia, looked at the poo, looked at Rukia... and then RAN! Just as a side note the next time we went out on a walk I brought 2 bags and didn't have to use one!
  • Before we moved out here Chad and I would look at google earth to see where we wanted to live and make sure that Chad would be able to ride his bike to school since I would need the car for work. The route that the program kept giving Chad to get to school seemed so ridiculous and random. We found a much better path up and over a little hill. Again we checked out google earth to see that he would just need to go up and over this "dirt mound". No biggie. Yeah, "dirt mounds" out west... they're mountains dummies! Now the "random" route that google gave us around the giant mountain makes a little more sense. Every time we drive around the "dirt mound" we can't help but laugh at ourselves.


  • My plants are growing! I decided to try to grow some herbs and it's working! I'm very proud and excited to try growing a little garden as it gets warmer out!
  • The employees at stores here are super, crazy friendly. While I normally find this somewhat annoying I'm pretty sure we met our new best friend at Best Buy. He was tall and had curly hair and glasses. He was super into photography and told us all about the date he wanted to take some future girl on. 15 minutes into our conversation I was wondering why I wasn't super annoyed at this guy but instead wanted to be best friends. When we got in the car Chad said, "You realize that guy was Taylor's twin right?" And oh my gosh he was! He is Taylor's nerdier, less well dressed twin, but his twin all the same. Love it!
  • Following the Portela tradition I am doing a no dessert during the week thing and instituting Dessert Sunday! While this in itself isn't really awesome at all... I have also declared that having only a square or two of good dark chocolate does not count as dessert but as a health food. Dark Chocolate does all kinds of good things right? Right!
  • Costco, nuff said. Super awesome deals, in bulk... awesomeness in bulk. And samples, enough samples to constitute my lunch on Tuesday :)
  • Sea foam green footies from the cutest little old lady from work. Who doesn't love pom poms on their slippers!

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