Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pioneer Park

As soon as we got our new camera we decided that we needed to go test it out! We found a hiking spot only a few minutes from our house in Pioneer Park. I was expecting something more like a regular park... playground equipment, maybe a disc golf course, and a short trail to hike/stroll down. I was pleasantly surprised!

There were lots of places to rock climb

We found "The Narrows" and after Chad climbed up them we made our way through them. It was a tight fit...

Too tight for me! My boobs wouldn't let me get through! Darn you! I immediately thought of you Ashley and being able to squeeze through the gates to freedom. No such luck for me that day. At least I had another exit strategy though! I backed out and climbed up and over to meet Chad at the top.

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  1. Cats have whiskers to help them know where they'll fit. I guess you'll have to rely on your boobs until you get whiskers.