Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I know it's quickly turning into Friday but better late than never right? Right!


  • We don't have quite as much storage space here as our last apartment and I haven't found a good place to keep all my purses so they've just been sitting in a pile in our 2nd bedroom. Yesterday we were organizing that room and started putting the purses away when we started to smell something awful, and unfortunately all too familiar. Penny had decided that the pile of purses was a much better litter box than her actual litter box and decided to pee ALL OVER my purses. So our whole night was spent making runs to Petco for cleaners and doing multiple loads of laundry trying to clean out my purses and a couple of Chad's backpacks. All of that work ended with a garbage bin FULL of purses. Penny and I are fighting.
  • Randomly going into offices to see if they are hiring. I don't think that there is any smooth way to do this.
  • Either our walls are very thin or our neighbor is the LOUDEST snorer in the WORLD! Luckily I don't struggle to go to sleep, I would be in big trouble if we did. Every night as we go to sleep we can hear him (or her I guess!) snoring away.


  • My new bike gloves came in the mail today! Getting mail in general is awesome enough, even better when it's a package!
  • Rukia has come with us on all of our mountain biking adventures. She is great and runs on the trail right between me and Chad. We love that we can take her out with us and not have to worry about what crazy things she'll do or if she'll run away.
  • Chad rockin' out his first Biology test. He had his first tests in Chemistry and Biology and got his score back on the Bio test, 106%! Woot! He's off to an awesome start.
  • I had 2 phone interviews! One led to an actual interview on Monday, hopefully that won't make the awkward list next week. I'm pretty confident that the other phone call will lead to an interview as well. Keep your fingers crossed! While I am definitely enjoying this whole stay at home thing it will be nice to go to work, and even nicer to have an income :)

What was awesome about your week?

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