Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Granola Recipe

Chad and I eat A LOT of yogurt! We've recently discovered greek yogurt which is super yummy and super good for you. It's a nice way for us to get some protein! Along with fruit we NEED granola with our yogurt. Granola is expensive though and often times I have been less than impressed with what I could get at the grocery store so.... I make my own!

A while ago I stumbled onto this awesome website, Word of Wisdom Living. It is an awesome website all about leading a more healthy life! From there I got this granola recipe, it's full of good things and is much more affordable to make. The best thing about making your own granola, you can put whatever you like in it! We usually go with almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds as our nuts and call it good, but you could add all kinds of things: dry fruit, raisins, mini chocolate chips, go crazy! This recipe is a little different in that you bake it low and slow, but I like it SO much better! We end up making a batch every other week!

5 c old-fashioned rolled oats
1c whole-wheat flour
1c wheat germ
1c coconut, shredded or flaked
1 to 1.5c total of chopped nuts

Mix above ingredients in large bowl

2T vanilla
1/4c water
1/2c honey
1/2c (or less!) healthy oil (try coconut oil)

Mix wet ingredients in a medium bowl, then stir into the dry ingredients.

Spread in shallow baking pans and bake about 2 hours at 250 F., stirring gently every 15 minutes. Cook until golden brown and nearly dry. Cool and store in airtight containers; refrigerate.


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