Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

How cute are our snuggly babies? They were beyond excited about seeing mom and dad. Sunny wrapped himself around them and Rukia was super hyper and wanted to lick everyone up! Unfortunately we dropped off the parents at the airport this morning :( So we are back to normal life around here. Who's coming out to visit us next?!


  • Last Sunday we were strolling in to church a few minutes late. We scoped out the chapel and found some open seats in the front. We made our way down the aisle, Chad sat down first, and before I had a chance to sit down I got a butt pinch! And the 4 80 year old ladies sitting behind us got a little show.
  • That same day in Relief Society the President introduced herself to me again. I just went along with it, no big deal. But then during opening exercises they asked if anyone was new, and she kept making faces and gesturing for me to get up. Yeah.... I already did that about a month ago. Glad I was so memorable... This went on for what seemed like forever, her motioning me to get up, me shaking my head, me making hand gestures, and finally me doing the whole off with your head hand signal to really drive my point home. The person sitting next to me definitely thought I was nuts.
  • In Chad's Chemistry class the Professor asked if anyone was doing anything fun for Valentines Day. So Chad announced that he was going to Vegas. Everyone was a little shocked and thought that was ridiculous. Some kid said, "well at least we know who's single in the class!". Everyone thought that was real funny until Chad let them know he was married. He didn't however tell them that he was going to be sharing a hotel room with his in-laws right next to the grandparents ;)
  • Favorite Tattoo parlor we saw in Vegas: Precious Slut tattoo. Keepin' it classy.


  • We've had cable the WHOLE time we've been here, just found that out a week ago! Hello Food Network and HGTV, how I've missed you my lovelies!
  • As mentioned before I was a $17 big winner in Vegas. Chad was a big 15 cent winner. In the positive baby!
  • It rained a lot here recently which let to a double rainbow! If that wasn't fun enough we could see the end of one of them, and then drove through it. I always used to try to find the end of the rainbow when I was a kid and I finally did. I did not however get a pot of gold. bummer.

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