Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Weekend of Love!

Happy (late) Valentines Day!

Last Saturday Chad and I celebrated our Valentines Day! He made me a wonderful card, does it look like I'm enjoying it!? He also got me an awesome new purse to replace the ones lost to Penny. Afterwards we went to Olive Garden for Dinner, yummm. Next was my portion of the evening....

There was a long wait at the resteraunt so we got a pre-dinner snack!

I made a fun game for us to play ;) I got the idea here! Don't you love all the wonderful things you can find on pinterest!

I figured any old YW leaders or YW that I used to teach didn't need to be able to read every fun space in my game!

Our actual Valentines Day was spent in Vegas picking up my parents!!! YAY!!! But more on that later....


  1. Just a few things...
    1. You have perfect hair. I'm jealous.
    2. I LOVE your headboard. LOVE it. Did you make it?
    3. I'm totally doing the game of love for Clay's birthday. I'm excited! :)

    1. Thanks Crystal! :) You made my morning! Chad made our headboard, with a little help from me. He actually made our whole bed! I'll have to post a picture of it sometime. He's quite handy! The game was super fun, a little cheesy, but it ended up being a big hit, I'm sure you'll have a fun time with it!