Friday, February 24, 2012

Worst "Interview" Ever

As of late I've been able to find quite a few jobs to apply to. I found one listing on craigslist that sounded like it would actually be a lot of fun, a Nutritionist/Dietician. I didn't apply to it at first because I am not a Nutritionist or Dietician but after talking with Chad and my mom figured, what the heck!, might as well apply! The posting said that you would be working with clients and forming meal plans and working with them on their diet. You needed to know about the body and how it worked and interacted with food. I'm a biology major, I got this! So I sent in my resume.

Later that day I got a response from Jared saying that he'd love to meet with me! Awesome! I was excited to go in and see if I could get this job. I googled the company and got a glimpse of what was in store for me. They only had a facebook page, something about healthy fast food... oh no. I remained optimistic about it until the next afternoon (the day I was to go in for the "interview") when I saw another ad on craigslist:

Men or women 18 yrs. or older
1-866-673-1341 leave mess.
Must like Network marketing
Business Breifing Thur. nights
call for time and place.
Add an extra $500 or more to your income
part time.

Oh no. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was the same thing that I was going to. I had my appointment all set up though and I really wanted it to be something awesome so I got myself all ready, straightened my hair, makeup on, skirt, heels, the whole works and went out to get myself a job.

The inside of the building was neon green. There were 20 women all inside. When I opened the door I was assaulted with club music. No. No. No. I asked some random woman for Jared, but he was out in the alley on a phone call. Middle aged women kept trying to get me to drink some sort of weird herby tea magical drink stuff, I declined 5 times. Everyone had buttons on and a friend with them. I sat awkwardly and watched someone come in dressed in pajamas. And then another girl in those horrible baggy bondage pant things with all the chains and things hanging off of them. Everyone else was in jeans and t-shirts. Some girl asked me how I had heard about this and what got me interested. Yeah.... I don't even know what this is. I chatted with her for a while hoping that Jared would finally come in and I could tell him that this isn't what I was looking for. I was looking for a JOB. Not some extra income. "Hi, yes, I would like some extra income to supplement the $0.00 I am currently making". No thanks. Jared wasn't coming, however, the women kept coming with their magical potions trying to suck me into their world. I kept hearing people say, "It looks like we're about to start" and "We should begin any minute now". I needed to get OUT. I was not going to stay through their whole, sell our tea presentation and I wasn't going to get to give Jared the con man the courtesy of an explanation due to important business in the back alley. So I looked at my phone, tried to sound like something important had happened and excused myself from chatting with the way too enthusiastic sales girl to make a phone call. I high tailed it to my car and without looking back, peeled out of there as fast as I could. While the job prospect was a giant fail at least I didn't have to sit through some awful presentation pretending to be interested in selling tea.

Hopefully the next interview will go better, and actually be an interview, for an actual job.

Anyone else have any interview stories? Please share... the good, bad, ugly and funny! Make me feel better about my crazy "interview"!

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