Monday, January 30, 2012

Spa Night

Rukia had become quite the hairy, bear of a dog!

It was time for a haircut, poor girl could barely see past all that hair! We were feeling lazy and called around to see how much it would be to have someone else deal with the haircut/bath issue now facing us. $65 minimum. Boo! Eventually I will have to get my hair done and I am not spending my hair money on a dog, sorry Rukia. So we got some clippers and over an hour, and a lot of cheetos later :), we had a brand new puppy. She went from being a wild, bear, dog to a petite, girly, princess puppy.

And just so we aren't playing favorites...


  1. I cut my dogs too! It is just ridiculous the amount of money and I understand, mine do look better when they go to the groomer but over time I am getting better. I definitely think it's worth investing in a pair of clippers!

    1. Practice makes perfect right?! We decided to cut her hair outside at night time so she didn't get the best haircut. Chad had to clean her up the next day :) Hopefully we'll get better!