Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 3 new best friends

We pulled up in front of our condo and were very eager to be able to see all of the inside. The maintenance guy was there tying up some loose ends so we ran inside to check it out before the realtor got there for us to sign the lease. There are three major reasons that I am THRILLED with where we now live...

As we were signing papers my grandparents showed up! It was fun to see them, it had been a few years, and it was fun that Chad got to finally meet them. Chad and I were looking forward to taking showers (hello, we were stinky nasty) and sleeping. Grandparents had other ideas. No time for cleaning up, they took us in all our filthy glory to their favorite place to eat, KFC. Mine and Chad's new years resolution is to become vegetarian. We just went with the flow and took our stinky butts out to get some fried chicken! After that long drive and not eating a whole lot, let me tell you, KFC tasted like the best gourmet food I have ever had! After lunch the grandparents took us grocery shopping and then we were back at home.

Let the unpacking begin! Wrong! We went out driving to check out where everything was and to buy more things to add to our list of unpacking. We're super productive like that.

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