Tuesday, January 17, 2012

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder

You'd think after our long journey here that we'd all need just a little space, be able to spread out a little...

Nope. Guess not. Despite our best efforts this is how we wake up every morning. We are in need of a king size bed...

and a king size couch apparently! What crazy things do your animals do? Better yet, what crazy things do you do for your animals? :)


  1. So we have two cats who are siblings. Well the male cat Shane is very much a lap dog, loves attention, and can jump super high. The female cat Brooksy (weird name but there's a story with that) is a little more like a typical cat but she loves to pounce, snuggle with you in bed, eat fruit and yogurt, and claim her spot on our couch. We also need a king size bed but unfortunately we only have a queen! Crazy things we do for our cats:...when we are cooking chicken, they get a couple little pieces to nibble on. Um we do other crazy things for our animals but I can't think of any other things right this moment...partly due to sleep deprivation! P.S. Your pets are super cute :)

    1. Its just so funny to see all the crazy things they do, and then watch yourself be silly for them in return! They each have their own personality for sure. Luckily our cats aren't jumpers!