Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Curtains

Chad and I have been wanting to turn these tablecloths from Target into curtains for a long while now. Now that we have a window they will fit on we ran out and bought them!

This was the quickest and easiest project Chad and I have ever done, ever. Of course since it was us though we had a quick setback. We got our tablecloths home and the yellow that we loved was slightly orange in one of them. Boo. Back to Target we went to find a matching tablecloth. After that small setback we were back in business and 5 minutes later, BAM! Curtains done!



Best Monday Craft Project ever. Chad and I love to decorate our home. Does anyone else have any fun home decorating projects they've been up to?


  1. The curtains turned out super cute! I love them! What other projects are you planning? And I want to see a picture of the birthday shoes Chad got you.

  2. Now that we have a real coffee table I need to make those coasters that mom made and maybe a wreath, I've still never made one! We still have the craft room/office to put together so who knows what that will bring!

  3. I love the curtains too! Way cute! I love easy decorating projects :) I made a cute canvas wall hanging. I want to eventually put photos on the canvas but that will have to wait. For now, I just used placemats for the canvas on the left and the right and then used cardboard, scrapbook paper, and vinyl letters to write messages on it. Like now it's LOVE for Valentines Day!