Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


  • Hearing Penny meowing like CRAZY, then finally wondering where she actually is. We found her locked in our closet with the water heater. Whoops. She had only been in there all day. Even more awkward... locking her in the bathroom all day the next day. Bah!
  • We've found where the previous residents of our lovely home liked to keep their weed. Every time we open the cupboard doors above the fridge we are assaulted with a lovely smell.
  • Rukia still hasn't quite adjusted all the way. She cries, whimpers and barks in her sleep all the time. Sometimes it's funny because she wakes herself up and then runs around the house trying to find what she was barking at. Other times she just cries until I wake her up. Poor little girl.


  • Zions National Park is 40 minutes from our house!
  • Because it's my birthday month I get two free tanning sessions! Nice!
  • Menchie's frozen yogurt and sorbet. It's our favorite right now. I love that it's self serve and that I can get a crazy amount of toppings.
  • The giant tub of cheese puffs from Ashley and Patrick. Rukia and I are enjoying the never ending supply of cheese puffy goodness :)
  • Our new camera! We've upgraded! Quite a bit. Instead of janky pictures from our phones we will be able to post some, hopefully, quality photos. We are excited to try out a new hobby, and there is plenty to photograph around here!


  1. Fun! What kind of camera did you get?


    1. We got a Canon Rebel T3. Its amazing the difference a good camera makes :) We're having a lot of fun figuring it all out!