Monday, January 16, 2012

You've had a Birthday shout Hooray!

With all of the craziness in getting our life together out here I actually forgot that my birthday was coming up. We decided to take a day trip down to Las Vegas on Saturday and see what Sin City was all about. We tried to start our day out with french toast, but we got there too late. We wiped away the tears and headed over to Panera, well not Panera, rather Paradise bakery.For some reason it's not the same name. But to us it will be referred to as Panera. We got cinnamon crunch bagels instead. Which may not be the greatest French toast in the world, but when it comes to bagels they're right at the top.

Driving down I-15 to Vegas in the mountains was way more fun in our tiny little focus, rather than the giant rental truck. We had a fun time walking the strip and seeing all of the craziness that was Vegas.

Highlights of our day included me wearing horrible walking shoes and ripping my feet up (you'd think I would have figured out how to pick the right shoes by now), our refusal to pay to eat bad food and the awesome fake "sky" under the "Eiffel Tower". Chad was in awe of the ridiculous amount of nakedness on the strip. For those of you who haven't been to Vegas there are tons of people on the street handing out what can only be refereed to as naked sex cards. Not only are they being passed out like candy, they also litter the streets. So when you are walking and you look down there's a whole lot of very naked lady for your viewing pleasure. At the end of the day we were a little hungry, because of our refusal to pay for the bad food. So we had to get some good food in us fast. Chad and I do not do well on empty stomachs. It's OK when we're people watching because we can just filter our crankiness into making fun of people lol. But when we get alone with one another all of the sudden Chad is Al Kida and I'm George Bush looking for any reason to get that oil....I mean kill those terrorists (you can thank Chad for that analogy). So like always we were struggling to think of a place to eat, then I remembered that Mom and Dad gave us Five dollar off coupons to Olive Garden! It was like we had found the golden ticket in a Wonka bar we were so excited. So we stopped at Olive Garden on the way home for my birthday dinner, enjoyed every bite and then headed home with full bellies, loving one another the whole way.

On Sunday we went to our new ward for the first time. We sneaked in the back late, so NOT like us at all :) and left after sacrament meeting to celebrate the rest of my birthday. We'll try to make friends next week... The rest of my birthday was full of phone calls, skyping, the awesome birthday cake Chad made me, and going to the movies.

Guess which piece belongs to the birthday girl?

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  1. Omg on the naked lady cards. We made the Vegas stop on the way to California a couple of years ago. While we were walking down the street at 10 in the morning Jeremy said "Hey, look at that baseball card!" We had to institute a no looking at the ground rule.