Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegetarian Sideshow

Danielle and I have made a new years resolution to become vegetarians. That sentence is pretty crazy for me to say. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would even consider being a vegetarian I would have laughed at you, then spouted out a few reasons why I thought being a vegetarian was a stupid idea. It's funny how a little open mindedness and care for your body can make you do a 180. So with that being said, it has not been easy this past week. You already heard about our meat fest with the grandparents lol. We've also had to deal with the no food situation in our house for the first day or two we were moving in. So what did we do? WE USED OUR MCDONALD'S GIFT CARD! What's the first thing you think of when you think vegetarian? McDonald's of course! Yeah right, but we tried our best. So like the second day we were here we headed over for breakfast. We went through the drive through and I order for the two of us and I told them to hold the bacon, hold the sausage, just hold the meat. When I said this, the lady taking my oder sounded very confused, in fact when I told her to hold the bacon on Danielle's sandwich, she gives me an, OK? So we finish our order, pull around to the window to pay and the woman at the window says, so and so wants to know if you guys are vegetarians. We say yeah, then we pull up to the next window to pick up our food, and I am not joking the woman who took our order and about two or three other employees are standing around the window gawking at us with perplexed smiles on there faces. It was like we were some kind of vegetarian sideshow, and they just bought tickets for the best seats in the house. I love Utah!

What are your new years resolutions? Are you doing something the old you would have never even considered? Anything funny or awkward happen while you were trying something new? Post in the comments please :) Also if you guys like any of our posts feel free to like us on facebook, twitter or google+.


  1. My resolution is to go through 3 dozen VHS home movies and get them ready to be converted to DVD.

  2. I just looked at my family picture that pops up with these posts. Maybe I should get around to updating that this year too.