Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Welcome to Awkward and Awesome Thursday! It was a crazy first week here, full of awesomeness and, of course, mostly of awkwardness.

  • We finally found an awesome sushi place in Michigan, literally 2 weeks before we left :( We've since been on the hunt out here to find something equally as amazing. We finally found what I thought was it, a Japanese market that also sold sushi! It was going to be just like our place in Michigan! As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a kind... old... Mexican woman. BLAH! Nothing more awkward than Mexican sushi...
  • We tried working out again. Tried being the key word. Oh P90X, how we love/hate you. This was our first attempt at exercise at our new altitude and with our new vegetarian diet. About a half hour in we both thought we were going to pass out. We're going to have to try again, and incorporate more protein into our diets.
  • Before we turned our moving truck in we had one last use for it. The previous tenants left us with a full garbage bin, thank you very much. We had A LOT of garbage, well, a lot of boxes that needed to go. We got most of our condo all unpacked and beautiful and then we went to the extra bedroom, our new storage facility. We literally took every box and just dumped it out. The boxes all needed to go, and we had one last shot with our moving van to move them all out in one swoop. We gathered up all our empty boxes, leaving behind a room that now looked like it belonged to hoarders, and loaded them onto the truck and headed out for a dumpster. We filled up an entire empty dumpster with our boxes as fast as we could, just leaving the extras on the ground next to it. We hopped in our cars to drive away only to discover there was a car of people watching us the whole time. whoops.
  • After dumping the boxes we went to return the truck. After struggling to find the Budget Rental place we finally discovered our problem. We were looking for an actual Budget Building when in fact we needed to return our truck to the back of a gas station. Seriously? We parked the truck in the back and turned our keys into the girl at the front counter. Not sketchy at all.
  • Last night Chad popped in our Christmas fireplace dvd and we listened to Christmas music. Yes, we are that cool.
  • Sunny has started drooling even more than usual. He had a pool of drool the size of a fist under him on the couch last night. You may not want to sit on our drool couch if you come to visit.
  • After spending days searching for something to put under our TV to house all our electronics Chad had the brilliant idea to use some cute shelves that we found on sale. Not only were they WAY cheaper than anything else we had even looked at, they look fantastic! Love having a husband who can decorate.
  • We went to the best antique shop of my life! There was stuff EVERYWHERE, inside and outside. The tub full of picture frames in the bathroom was my favorite, hands down.
This is almost as bad as our guest room.... almost.
  • As I was cooking dinner last night Chad asked if he could help, and for the first time I could say YES! Our kitchen now fits both of us at the same time!!! Woohoo! Plus we have a giant peninsula. Ok, maybe not giant, but that one peninsula has more counter space than our entire kitchen did in our last apartment. Score 1 for us!
  • St George has about a bazillion frozen yogurt places. We've been to 4 already. We are on a mission to try them all!
  • We have found the BEST french toast EVER! Seriously people this stuff is ridiculous, crazy good. Not only is the cinnamon crunch bread that they use out of control, but they serve it with some kind of crack syrup that makes me want to beg for more. Also, it's served with the best whipped cream I've ever tasted, and strawberries. What's even more awesome... it's ALL YOU CAN EAT! I've died and gone to heaven!
You need to come visit us now! If only for this french toast!

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