Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday (Night)



  • The dad yelling at his child at the bus stop right outside our window. Not calling her by name but yelling out "kid". The same dad was yelling at his child to "heel" at church. Now I understand I am not a parent and shouldn't judge but.... really? Come on.
  • The Fundamentalists that came in as patients today. The mom didn't know her son's birthday, had to ask him his families medical history, and didn't understand what to put down as her address. Oh my.... Now I'm not saying she's a bad mom, I'm just saying maybe she was just the one free "mom" today for the 5 kids that she brought in.
  • Falling asleep at 6pm Tuesday night. I woke up for a couple hours before going back to sleep for good but Chad slept for 15 hours straight!
  • Rukia's sunburn is turning into these giant ulcer like things on her back. They are really gross and it looks like she has leprosy or something. Poor baby girl. Chad is taking good care of her though although she'd much rather snuggle with me since I'm not the one inflicting pain while trying to keep the wounds clean. All I want to do is wrap her up in an unna boot like my past ulcer patients. 

  • So far I have run twice in the morning before work this week! I hate waking up early and I hate running in the morning but I've done it! It helps that Chad has a 7am class I have to drop him off at :) All I want to do is come home and jump back in bed for an hour but I've taken LeeAnne's advice and just head out before I really realize what's going on! 
  • We found a yummy veggie burger recipe that isn't mushy! Still not a burger (ask Jared) but the best we've found so far. 
  • Patients who bring me candy at work! 
  • Will's coming to visit! 
  • Only working the mornings for the next two weeks!

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