Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Awkward: Wearing a tail and pretending you're a werewolf.
  • People at church still asking who I am. People I have introduced myself to 3 or 4 times. No lie, no exaggeration. Remember the lady from months ago who tried to trick me into standing up in Relief Society to get introduced for the 2nd time? Yeah, she comes up to me in nursery on Sunday and says... "now I don't think that we've met". Yeah, we have... 3 (new to you) times. And that's kinda what I said, minus the whole 3 times before thing. Maybe she'll remember me now.
  • Not to sound like a broken record but 2 weeks ago when the senior and junior nursery combined the woman who was in the other nursery asked when I had moved in. Yeah.... 6 months ago. Let's just be real here. This is happening on a weekly basis and isn't really that awkward for me anymore. It is however awkward for the people asking and that makes me happy.
  • The Bishop asked me my name again and my calling, again. At least he didn't ask me where I was from.
  • The names crack me up: Diamond. Atticus. Taizley. Strider. And no, Diamond is not a stripper but a teenage boy. Your welcome for brightening your day with that one.
  • The boss and wife are on vacation for the next two weeks (awesome hours for me!). They are slightly nervous about leaving me in charge of it all when they are gone, probably because they've really only known me for a couple months, but mostly, it turns out, because of past employees. They told me before they left that past girls would have their boyfriends in the back and would give the massages. Awkward when patients would walk into that. Awkward when patients tell the Dr. about that. Hopefully it made them feel better when I informed then that Chad has waaaaaay better things to do then come to work with me early in the morning for a couple hours. Like sleep, or eat, or go to class, or study, or anything else really.
  • Frying our garden. It literally burst into flames from the intense heat of the sun. Ok maybe not literally, but as soon as things were starting to look really good it got really hot (and we left for Hawaii.... the poor little girl who watched our house watered the heck out of our garden to no avail). And our garden shriveled up into a brown, crispy mess. No fresh tomatoes for us :(
  • Fumbling my way through an entire phone conversation in Spanish. Yes, it was mostly me just saying random words with absolutely nothing connecting them into phrases but she understood me. Or at least pretended to, and that's good enough!
  • While Chad was in a meeting after church I sneaked into the primary room to play the piano (I haven't played since we moved so it was interesting). The bishop popped his head in and after chatting for a hot second asked if I would like a key so I can come up and play whenever I want. Um... YES! He's totally redeemed himself from asking where we moved from fifty times.
  • There is a little girl in the nursery who has hated me since I've been there. Would hide under tables from me, refuse to talk to me, and would sit in the corner and stare at me like I was just the stupidest person she had ever met and couldn't believe she had to spend two hours breathing the same air as me. Then this Sunday she came over and smiled and wanted me to help her make the craft we were working on. She smiled, and talked, and played with me and sat on my lap when we sang. It was a good Sunday.
  • When we were at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii we (of course) had some of their famous Pineapple Dole Whip ice cream. It was amazingly delicious. You apparently can only get in there and Disneyland (Disneyworld? both?). Anyways, you can also get it here in good ol' St. George. Now it may be some sort of rip off or whatever but it tastes pretty darn good. They've got it at a couple places and our taste buds are super happy with us right now!
  • Mmmmm Sauce. I have been reading about Mmmmm sauce ALL OVER the internet for a while now. In our quest to not eat candy, redbull, and pizza every night for dinner eat healthier I thought we should give this a try on top of our stir fry's instead of just dumping a bunch of soy sauce all over it. It did had some weird ingredients (nutritional yeast anyone?) that ended up being really tasty! Mmmmm sauce for the win! When has the internet ever led us astray...?

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