Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pure Michigan vs. St. George A to Zion

 Let me just start by stating the the Pure Michigan commercials are freakin' pure genius. Tourism offices at every state should be bribing whoever put that lovely little marketing piece together to come and do one for them. That or Michigan in the summertime just plain rocks. It might be the later. That commercial plays A LOT out here and every time I think, why did we move to a stupid desert? This is dumb! Why are we not lounging on the beach at Lake Michigan or playing at Sleeping Bear Dunes?

In contrast we have this janky St. George tourism commercial that makes me ashamed to live here. These two older people meet and are trying to seduce/show up/date each other or something. They go golfing and the lady is all "I was thinking we could do something more vigorous?" and the weird buff older man is all "can you handle it?". Uncomfortable. Seriously Uncomfortable. As Chad says, that's how you get the HIV. Then you see them biking, hiking, rock climbing, ziplining and doing all the really cool things that there are to do here but the whole thing has been ruined. It ends with them running through the dessert as fire balls fall out of the sky "chasing" them. I kid you not, I couldn't make this stuff up. 

So then I'm feeling all sad about my hot, dry, dessert life (with flying fireballs!?) when I could be back home in the lush, green, gorgeous, lake filled, forest swept Michigan! But then my brain says, "hang on, remember this?"

The snow is literally half way up his thighs in spots.



  1. But it is days like today, sunny, breezy and mid 70's that make up for the few months of cold here in Pure Michigan. I think that when you live somewhere you grow to forget the beautiful things you have right around you and feel that you have to go somewhere else to see something beautiful.

  2. We definitely miss lots of things about Michigan, mostly all of our weekend trips out to Lake Michigan! Well lets be honest, we miss all of the lakes! But we are happy here discovering all of the awesomeness in the southwest!