Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Our normal slow paced, easy life was interrupted as of late. Starting out Friday and continuing for a while... and we couldn't be happier!!! I'll start at the beginning...

It was a C-R-A-Z-Y weekend! Chad was told last minute about a scouting camp out that he needed to go to. Sweet. So... he managed to sneak in a test early and make it to the camp out. What did I do without my lovely husband? Something super awesome and girly? Wrong.

Poor Rukia and Penny were very concerned that Chad was never going to come home.

We also had Scott come down to visit! It was exciting to see him and hang out, especially since we hadn't seen him for 2 1/2 years! Chad got home from the camp out just in time to change and shower and then went and picked up Scott. He spent the night after being abandoned by his roommate and hung out all morning. Chad dropped him off and then headed out to church to teach his lesson. I was a super slacker and stayed home and cleaned, a little, just enough to avoid the nursery really. Then Chad and I had to fit in all the cleaning and grocery shopping we were planning on doing all weekend into a couple hours Sunday night. Eeeek! We managed to fit it all in though, except the whole grocery shopping thing, and it was totally worth it to be able to have such a surprising and fun weekend! We really could have managed to get to the grocery store but we HAD to watch The Killing. Was that not the BEST?! Seriously, I need more. Thank you AMC for delivering all kinds of TV awesomeness! Aaaaand to top it all off? We've got Chad's family in town with us for the week!

Kristy, Dylan, Debi and all the babies managed to survive the drive out west! It's a long and horrible drive and I was glad to be on the welcoming end this time. Every other summer growing up my family and I would trek out to Idaho to visit all our family. The first day was always fun with the movies and treats every 100 miles... but it gets old real quick, the second day is just the worse. Nebraska is not a kind state. It's exciting to have our family travel that far to see us now! :)

Monday we hiked the Narrows at Zion's after a delish lunch at Cafe Rio. Chad made us dinner and brownie sundaes when we finally made it home. Last night was veggie burgers, Trampoline land, and frozen yogurt. Who knows what fun today will bring?

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