Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

While the rest of the family stayed behind Chad and I ran back further on the trail where we weren't supposed to be. They were teaching their kids to be responsible and obey signs and such, I was also following what my dad taught me to do - sneak behind closed signs, go under red ropes and explore where I'm generally not supposed to be :)
  • We ran out of cat food and the cats had to go a whole 24 hours without food. You would think that they hadn't eaten in years the way they were acting. Sunny resorted to eating trash out of our bathroom. All of Tuesday morning he just ran around beside me meowing/screaming at me. He then decided to scale our pantry in search of food. Dude, chill. It was 24 hours. If something happens to Chad and I and we somehow die in our house, Sunny would immediatley start eating us.
  • Our house is SOOOOO quiet now after everyone is gone. It's sad and we don't like it.  
  • Even more sad now that everyone is gone is poor Rukia. The first few days she searched the house, sniffing everywhere trying to find her friends to play with. Now she's just sad and depressed and sleeps all day. We should probably get another puppy :)
  • Some strange kid came barging in our house 2 nights ago. If your kid doesn't know where you live maybe you shouldn't let him play outside by himself. Just sayin'.
  • Some door-to-door salesman came to our house last night and when we told him we were eating dinner he said he would just come back. Awesome. So he came back and we ignored him. Then he came back again. And then... again! Serioulsy guy? Four times? Then he tried to sell us study guides for our kids. Ha. We definitley weren't worth coming to see 4 times.
  • When I asked this very, very old lady at the nursing home what her name was she responded by mouthing "shut up" to me, v-e-r-y slowly and v-e-r-y clearly. What a doll. Luckily a nurse was there to tell me her name because I was not going to ask again for fear of a worse response. I had flashbacks to a former Michigan patient when another old nursing home guy tried to kick me in the face for taking off his socks. Boooo old people.
  • Debi was a cleaning rockstar when she was here. Not only did we get to hang out with all our awesome family but then Debi cleaned my house! Not just picked up, but cleaned! It was fantastic! Our house stayed suprisingly picked up the whole time and when they left the sink was empty and the floors and bathrooms scrubbed. Awesome.
  • Dylan helped us to discover that the shaved ice huts in the parking lots aren't creepy and weird but amazingly awesome. Super cheap, super delicious. Chad gets sour spray on his and I get Dragon's Blood. Yup, I am a 12 year old boy.
  • The Doctor is back from Europe which means I have to work again (sad day) but it also means that I now have a drawer full of european chocolate (yum). Soooo good.
  • Box from the parents full of dog goodies from the Doctor and food! Among the goodies a giant container of JIF peanut butter :)  It really doesn't get any better than that.

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