Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday {and some 4th of July goodness}

The 4th was rockin'! We went to the celebration put on by the city and I'm excited to tell you that Chad is the new Cross Fit Ninja Warrior Champion! I won the hot dog eating contest and then our duet won us the talent show! What's up?! 4th of July Awesomeness!

No but really, we didn't. The talent show was actually karaoke, the Ninja Warrior course was easier than the obstacle course we did in elementary school and hot dogs are still gross guys (no matter how delicious they taste). 4th of July is kinda anti-climatic for us. We did go to the giant park to check it out the festivities put on by the city because of the claim of a Cross Fit Ninja Warrior course. Ninja Warrior is pure awesomeness and Chad really wants to be able to run the course, this is as close as we may get. Well, we finally got to the park and the course was less than thrilling. In fact it was really less than a course. I was gonna take a picture but Chad said that we didn't need to document it, we just needed to erase it from our minds. It was that good. You did a couple push ups, ran under some caution tape, tapped your foot to a big tire a few times and then ran back through some cones. Not so ninja like, or warrior like. It was crazy stinkin' hot and humid too, which was weird and gross. So we grabbed some frozen yogurt and headed home.

 That's when our 4th got real exciting. We ate a ridiculous amount of delicious nachos with homemade salsa, layed around, and watched more episodes of family fued than I care to admit. We followed that up with brownie sudaes for Chad and chocolate chip cookies for me. At 9 we headed off to see fireworks.

We went up on top of the mountain seperating us from St. George so we could see all the fireworks. They were being sent off from 3 different locations. Sounds awesome enough right? Right on par with our 4th though they were kinda dissapointing really. Instead of 3 awesome shows going on simultaniously there were 3 kinda slow and kinda lame shows going on. They really should have put all the fireworks in one location, it would have made for a much better show. It was however the "Largest Firework Display in Southern Utah". Which, let's be honest, doesn't really mean a whole lot considering there's only 2 cities in southern Utah.

We really did have a fun a day relaxing, eating awesome junk food, taking pictures, playing with our dog, and most importantly: sleeping in :)

  • Driving around for a half hour trying to find where we are supposed to go to church. They whole time we've been here they've been building a new church building. We were going to be meeting in that new one or another building right behind it. Sweet. So after getting a text Saturday night from someone making sure we knew that they time and location of church had changed (we hadn't) we figured it would be one of those 2 buildings. Wroooong. We resorted to driving down the road and stopping at each building to see if it was it. We finally found it hidden in a neighborhood at 9:30. By then I was done and we went and got cinnamon crunch bagels instead. Chad went and taught his lesson later because he's good like that :)
  • My Conditioner has been attacking my face, literally. After a month of strange breakouts the whole ordeal finally culminated with my whole face having these weird little bumps ALL OVER. Every pore I had was clogged. Even my neck was having issues. We finally figured out that it was my conditioner. So after a conditioner free week my face is back to (almost) normal. phew.
  • Realizing that we actually do need to have an evacuation plan just in case St. George decides to burst into flames along with the rest of the West. I thought Chad was overreacting just a bit until I started having dreams and the office manager at work was telling me all about there's. I'm not used to having an emergency that would require me to evacuate but now we've got to get a plan together.
  • Not having to work on the 4th. Any day off from work is pure awesome in my book.
  • This website: I was laughing my butt off at her attempts to recreate pinterest pins. She kinda swears like a sailor (but it's kinda the most funny thing ever). Consider yourself warned if you don't dig that kind of stuff. Otherwise head over there right now and get ready for a good time.
  • Coconut Shrimp Tacos from Cafe Rio. We are officially Cafe Rio addicts! And unless the Sagebrush Cantina decides to head out to St. George we will happily stay that way.
  • Apparently most of the races here are downhill... Hmmm... very interesting. I'm a freaking champ at running downhill! Another half marathon was sounding appealing and now that I've learned that it's all downhill....

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  1. I happened upon the website too. In fact I was just telling mom about it yesterday! It is definitely funny and interesting to see what some pins really turn out as.