Monday, July 16, 2012

A Spooky Meatless Monday

Remember that whole, "we should celebrate Friday the 13th with all it's spooky fun" nonsense I was going on about? Yeah, I take it back. Friday was ridiculous. Instead of a scary movie we dealt with things going wrong. Boo. Nothing serious, more just annoying.

It all started when I was grabbing something for breakfast in the kitchen. I stepped in front of our fridge and into a giant puddle. My sock was soaked, even the bottom of my scrub pants were soaked. Thanks dishwasher. You're swell.  Then Chad's phone decided to crap out on him. It wouldn't turn on, it wouldn't charge, it was not kind. Then I found a cockroach in my workout pant... as I was putting them on. Gross, nasty, yuck. I jumped on the bed and hid from the dead bug until Chad flushed it. As we were wandering around downtown that afternoon we stopped and helped out another couple that was having car troubles. I made a lovely little list of all the craziness of that day but my phone decided it wasn't important and deleted it. Thanks Friday the 13th for all the NO fun.

Then next day everything was fine. We re-ran the dishwasher and it worked fine, and has continued to be fine. Phew! Chad's phone finally charged and started up properly too. Next time I'll just take a scary movie and some popcorn over things trying to break and creepy crawlies hiding and waiting to get me.

On a completely unrelated note did anyone watch Breaking Bad on Sunday? I'm overly excited for this season. I even watched the weird Local Security (or whatever it was called) afterwards to see next weeks preview. They of course threw in a nice long preview for the next Walking Dead. Best shows ever, seriously. Sunday nights are the BEST nights for TV.

Alright so this Meatless Monday is a bit sad. Last week we skipped the whole "buying groceries" thing. So it was a week full of repeats. Lots of freezer lasagna and freezer twice baked potatoes. There were more than a few tuna fish sandwiches as well. This week should be much more exciting food wise, unless of course we skip grocery shopping again tonight ;)

The lasagna roll ups were actually pretty fun to make, messy, but fun. And the fact that they were single servings were a much better option for us than making a whole lasagna. We've wasted many a lasagna in the Lewis house :(

The twice baked potatoes were also a big hit. Instead of using sour cream I mixed in plain Greek yogurt, that way I didn't feel as bad about the massive amount of cheese I put in :) We've been brushing the bottom with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt before cooking them and it's been the best idea, good one Chad. They get nice and crispy and salty, it's a good time.

Does anyone else have some great go to freezer meals that they love? I'll defintley be whipping up another batch of both this next Sunday! The veggie burger mix freezes great too! Now I just need to throw some other freezer meals into the mix!

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