Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We laugh in the face of Danger!

Ok, maybe not laugh. There was still some mild anxiety attacks had by every adult I think, but we conquered Angel's Landing! I know I mentioned it before but we made it across the crazy land bridge and onto Angel's Landing, with the two boys to boot! Remember how I said the people hiking last time were crazy bring their small children with them? Well, we were those people this time. And guess what? They did better than any one of the adults. No fear! Chad told them that he had done it before, and if he could do it they could do it. They really listened and believed their Uncle Chad, they could do it because Uncle Chad said they could.

While the nursery makes me never, I repeat never, want to have children, spending the week with Kristy and Dylan's kids reminded us that we really do love kids and they will most definitley be in the (far) future ;) I'm really not a baby hater, most of the time. They are lucky they escaped with their little girl, I had every intention of stealing her and keeping her for my own but I was at work when they left. Boo. I've also decided we need to have boys! It was too much fun to watch Chad with them all week. Not to mention the fun that Rukia had with them. Yup, I just said we need to have baby boys to play with my dog. I'm officially that person. And on that note I will end and share some of the awesome views from our journey to Angel's Landing.

On the way back from our hike we crossed over/through a river

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