Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's somehow been a looooong and sleepy week. I can't seem to get myself to wake up during the day. I'm sure my employer loves this. Other than that (how is being sleepy news?) we've had a pretty "sleepy" week in general...

  • Trying to get our dog to go out and play in the rain/hail with us. She was not into it.
  • Penny deciding she's too good to use the litter box. The bed is much better for things like that. The bed or Chad's drawer full of athletic pants. Oh yes, those are much nicer.
  • Trying to make homemade brownies. The batter tasted SO good. The brownies were anything but. We threw them out. Now I'm on a quest to find brownies that taste at least as good as our favorite box mix.  
  • Being too tired and too lazy (neither one of us can wake up this week!) to make an actual dinner. Getting 3 Cheeser Bread from Hungry Howies and Cinnamon Bread Sticks from Pizza Hut instead of preparing real food. Also awkward? Eating shaved ice while we waited and then making brownie sundaes after "dinner".

  • We finally checked out the Farmer's Market held downtown every Saturday. Guess what? Produce actually tastes like something, yummy somethings. Walmart had me believing that all fruits and vegetables are tasteless, watery and gross. We'll be going back this Satuday as well!
  • Storms! We have had some crazy storms here. Lots of rain, wind, and even hail! It was great to have the weather cool off a little and enjoy the rainy weather, of course our house didn't flood so we could enjoy it a little more.
  • Chad's summer semester is over! His classes were early and annoying for the most part. We are both happy they are done and he can take a break before he starts the full time madness in the fall.
  • Artsy Fartsy Craft Projects. They are fun and they were easy, pictures coming.
  • DownEast Outfitters. They have all kinds of cute clothes. But the real deal is the small Men's section they have. They must not have a lot of men shopping there because their clearance section for guys is unreal. Like, a pair of jeans for $5 unreal. Chad got 2 shirts, a pair of jeans, and a light blazer for under $15. Seriosly?! That's better than the Salvation Army!

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