Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome {stormy} Thursday

View of tonight's storm
This week has gone by sooooo slooooow. I swore that yesterday was Thursday, which really seemed to confuse people when I was making apointments for "tomorrow, Friday, July 13th". Does anyone else feel like you should do silly halloween-ish type things whenever it's Friday the 13th? I don't quite know what these things would be but I feel like we should "celebrate" in some manner...

Chad's summer classes are coming to an end soon so he's been slammed trying to finish up everything. He's got to make up one or two yoga classes before the end of next week so that means that we will both get to go to his teacher's yoga studio this coming week! I LOVED going to an actual yoga class (I've only been once, sad day) but it was infinitley better than doing yoga to a stupid DVD. We've also found a few other yoga spots around town that let you try the first class for free! Definitley need to jump on that! Hopefully the week went by a little faster for everyone else!

  • Ok, I know you are all sick of hearing about church awkwardness but here we go again :)  I have literally had 4 people over to my house from church. 2 ladies who welcomed me to the ward after I had been here for months, my visiting teacher, and the family (ok, 7 people counting the family of 3) of the girl who watched our dog when we were in Hawaii. The mom of this girl saw me on Sunday and asked me if I was visiting. Um, no... you've literally been in my house... twice. Next week I'm taking Carly and Chrystal's advice and dying my hair pink while wearing the most outrageous thing possible, then maybe people will remember me. Chad seems to be having more luck in this department. People know who he is, although people are still super rude for no reason. We are really missing our Clarkston Ward.
  • Helping a little girl in the bathroom on Sunday only to watch her pee everywhere. Her dress, underwear, and all over the floor. Yes, she was sitting on the toilet. Yes, I had to clean all of it up. No, I'm never going to be the one taking her to the bathroom again.
  • While helping a little old lady take her shoes off at the nursing home the guy sitting right next to her was taking off his. I was initially excited that one of our patients could still manage to take off their shoes on their own. Then as he was taking off his sock he just pulled it off inside out... flinging dead skin cells e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Oh, and by everywhere, I mean all over me. Seriously, my neck my scrub top, all over my pants, arms, all of it. I got pretty good at avoiding the foot confetti at my last job but this came out of left field and very literally attacked my face.

  • An old cranky lady in the nursing home caught my eye as she was waiting to be seen. As soon as she realized she had my attention she started pointing at other people waiting in the room, rolling her eyes and making faces. It was hysterical. She clearly was not impressed with these people. When she saw that she was making me laugh it only got worse. She's my new favorite.
  • We got a "new to us" juicer at the DI last weekend. This one is the press kind, so it's better than our electric one for citrus. We have been on an orange juice kick at our house ever since, it's delicious! Last night we bought a pineapple and had pineapple orange juice. SO GOOD
  • A/C in our car has been recharged! Again! 112 degree heat is not compatible with no A/C. We tried. We failed. We also have two new front tires since the tread was gone. The heat shield that was trying desperatley to fall off also got zip tied back on. Yup, our car's fancy like that. Now it doesn't sound like our car is trying to explode every time we start it or go over any kind of bump. Now we don't have to have random strangers and police officers point out that we are "dragging something".
  • Church now starts at 9am! I was sad to see my extra day of sleeping end go away but excited to be able to have the whole afternoon to ourselves after a morning full of awkwardness!
  • Frozen Dinners. I love my crockpot in the winter for soups and such but I needed something else for the summer. No one wants hot soup when it's over 110. It's just ridiculous. So I made twice baked potatoes and lasagna rolls on sunday and froze the little buggers! So much better than a pizza and easy peasy on the nights I don't want to cook, which is turning in to every night apparently. We've had them 3 times this week, and it's only Thursday. You do the math. 
  • Thunderstorms. That's right, we finally got a thunderstorm tonight. It was crazy, windy, dusty, bright and loud. We drove around in our car so we could watch it as it moved through St. George :)

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