Thursday, April 4, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • My popularity with bees. We were out taking pictures for Chad's class and I had 5 bumble bees following me for the entire time. The buzzing itself was some kind of Chinese water torture. There was flailing, running, more flailing and then short lived acceptance. Followed by screaming, irritation and of course more flailing. It's a good thing his pictures turned out so well.
  • Chad's hands. I swear he's been rock climbing on glass.
  • In the past week Chad has been compared to Dierks Bently, Dr. Who, and James Bond. 
  • Brittany moved out last night! Hallelujah!!! Let me just say it again, Brittany. Is. Outta Here!!! In true Brittany fashion they were moving all night, aka her child was running around all night outside screaming and they were vaccuming at ridiculous hours. Small price to pay to never see/hear them again.Woot!
  • Chad's cooked dinner every night this week. Every. Night. He comes home from class with a grocery bag full of fruits, vegetables and a piece of fish and.... wala! Dinner!
Any Awesome's or Awkwards out there? How has the week treated you?


  1. I wish our neighbors with screaming children would move too :) And the birds that live inside our wall. They are really starting to drive me bonkers

  2. LOL! I can see all of this playing out in my head. You are a great "min" storyteller.