Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning

Our morning started bright and early at 5:30. Miss barky pants, aka Rukia, started to whine and cry. Now this is nothing too new. If we both happen to wake up in the morning and she sees this she will start to whine a little. She wants to play, go outside, go potty or just jump into the bed with us.

As for the "hair free zone" Rukia has wiggled her way back into our room. She sleeps on the floor though and it has worked out nicely. Anyone with a golden doodle will tell you that they don't do well if they can't be with you. She follows us from room to room and won't go outside and play on the patio with the cats unless we are there. She's a people dog. Anyways... back to this morning.

So as usual, we petted her a little then Chad kicked her out of the room so she could huff and puff on her own, get bored, and then go back to sleep smashed up against our bedroom door. Instead the lovely aroma off poop wafted into our room 2 minutes later. Apparently home girl wasn't kidding with all that whining. But that's what happens when you've been crying wolf.

So at 5:45 we are cleaning up dog poo, washing the carpet, taking her outside to poo some more and trying to get the poo smell out of room. In all fairness, Chad was mostly in charge of this while I sleepily watched and stood around.

But wait.... there's more. Mad that I was up at 5:45 with dog poop all over our stairs, I decided to sleep in as long as possible. The sun was shining through our windows, birds chirping and the breeze was perfect. Finally I peeled my butt out of bed around 11. I stumbled into our bathroom and stepped into... dog vomit. But not just vomit. Dog throw up that had been covered up by the bathroom rug. Our poor pup feels so bad when she gets sick in the house now (diarrhea, vomit, poo) that if she's given enough time she will try to hide it.

I see her curled up in the corner by the stairs giving me the saddest puppy dog eyes and between the eyes and the cover up attempt I can't manage to be mad at the poor sick girl. So I start a load of laundry and throw in the two rugs from the bathroom, clean up the vomit that's covering the bathroom floor and take her outside to poo some more. Because there's nothing worse than cleaning up diarrhea off carpeting. Or maybe there is, I don't know, I'm not a mom, just a fur-mom. We head back inside where I then have to wipe her poopy butt like a little baby, proceeding to get more poo all over me again.

So congratulations to all of you with kids out there, you can stop laughing now :)  I really don't know how you handle all the sick kids you have... or the potty training... or the bed wetting...  or any of that really. Because I can barely handle my dog.


  1. I feel ya! My one dog is on special food because he has a weak digestive system. Before we knew he had stomach issues, one morning I woke up and our bedroom and hallway was filled with nasty dog poop. I mean everywhere - literally everywhere - and it took HOURS to clean up. I'm still traumatized from that experience. It was SO disgusting! And during that time I was constantly begging my husband if we could start trying for a baby - so that conversation stopped immediately after this incident.


  2. Yikes! I hope your pup feels better. Her hair is hair-larious and she is adorable. You can tell y'all are the center of her world. As for the kids part, just yesterday my 19 month old had a "code brown" that warranted all hands on deck. Just a part of daily life. ;)