Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Had a trashy couch, Bought a trashy couch

For those of you who don't know, our current couch came straight out of the trash. We were going to church one morning and spotted this remarkably clean and decent looking couch sitting right outside the dumpster of our apartments. So we hauled that puppy back into our apartment ASAP, in my heels and everything. We had gone through some pretty iffy free couches/love seats and this new trash couch was leaps and bounds better than all of them.

Last weekend at the DI (St. George's version of an over priced Salvation Army) Chad spotted a couch. Man did he want that couch. But there was no price tag on it. Chad didn't loose hope though, there was one that was practically identical to it sitting right across from his for $25. A worker came over and told us that his couch was $50. We both laughed at him and pointed out the near identical one for $25. The guy shrugged and said sometimes the prices just depend on who priced them. Chad said he would give him $35. The guy replied by saying the best he could do was.... $50. Way to come down guy. So he went and got another worker.

The new worker comes over and prices the couch for.... $30. Chad immediately tore off the buyer part of the tag and we proceeded to talk about the couch, and text people (ok, just Nikki) about the couch. With the amount of people coming to our house (0) and friends that we have out here (0), I thought we really didn't need another couch. Finally Nikki and I convinced him to leave the couch behind.

If you know Chad then you know that just because we didn't buy it Saturday doesn't mean we didn't turn right back around on Monday as soon as I got home from work to see if it was still there. It was. With a new tag, Rachel was written on it and the buyer portion ripped off. Rachel was going to swoop in and buy Chad's couch right from under him! We stood there staring at the couch for a while and then finally decided to measure it and our car. If it was going to fit we would get it. Chad thought it would fit. I didn't. We own a hatchback ford focus people. We can barley fit our dog in the back, let alone a couch. Chad was up for the challenge.

The DI was closing and we had to beat Rachel. We ran up to the register, paid, and then Chad ran back to the couch and ripped of the newest tag, leaving our old matching tag on the couch. Poor Rachel... hopefully she hadn't already bought it and was planning on coming back later for it..... worst couch stealers ever.

We pulled around back and Chad and the awkward boy who helped us before helped get that giant couch in our tiny car. And it "fit", well enough that Chad could finally take his couch home with him.

Don't be jealous.

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